While we are on the subject of "is this allowed" [from article on December 14, 2016].  The question was, in  Florida,  can a homeowner/business owner install his own commercial and residential fire alarm - burglar alarm system in his own building/house...  Can he without a license? I assume he can...?

    Here is what Florida has to say:
    Electrical and Alarm Contractors  - An Electrical Contractor installs, repairs, alters, adds to, or designs electrical wiring, fixtures, or appliances, which generate, transmit, transform, or utilize electrical energy for compensation. An alarm contractor lays out, fabricates, installs, maintains, alters, repairs, monitors, inspects, replaces, or services alarm systems for compensation.  Examples of compensation are cash, goods, services, etc.  If you pay someone to perform even the simplest of electrical work, such as connecting two wires, you must hire a licensee.
    These items are offered as examples of services you do need to hire a person with a Florida license and services you do not need to hire a person with a Florida license.  The list is not all inclusive.  If you have specific questions, please contact the department at 850.487.1395 or review the rules for the profession at www.myfloridalicense.com.  You should also check with your county or city to learn whether or not a local business tax receipt or certificate of competency is required for services that do not require a state license.  Please visit our Unlicensed Activity page to learn more about how you can help us combat Unlicensed A

Needs a License
Install low voltage landscape lighting for compensation.
Install ceiling fans and light fixtures for compensation.
Install or replace electric outlets and switches for compensation.
Install or monitor alarms systems
Install cable or satellite television wiring for compensation
Install computer network wiring for compensation

Does not need a License
Install solar powered landscape lighting.
Change the light bulbs in fixtures.
Change the cover plates on outlets
Set up home theater components (excluding wiring).
Hang a flat screen TV on a wall.
Set up wireless computer networks

    Be sure to check your own jurisdiction.  Not all states treat work the same or require licenses for certain activities.  Thanks for contributing to this forum discussion
    In response to Lee Jones dribble this month [Dec 1 2016 article], Mr. Jones has no clue about today’s conditions or operational capabilities of third party or wholesale monitoring.
    Today’s companies (especially those on the Stages platform) who focus on third party monitoring are operating state-of-the-art centers and the only difference is customer focus, the ability to develop new software and apps and of course fees. Some are willing to cut deals and others, such as USA Central Station, my company does not cut fees, rather we level the playing field as to not give an advantage to one company and not the others.
    But back to Mr. Jones, any Stages central station can overnight adapt to any jurisdiction’s Law’s, Rule’s or other demands as to how they want us to communicate with them, 2 call, etc. If there is any complication its comes from the very dealers that Mr. Jones is attempting to warn. His concerns are so missed placed. Mr. Jones should be following the industry rather than distract it. All of this predictions that the world will come to an end have not developed, in fact if Mr. Jones could see any trend it would be that the industry associations and the great people at SIAC have developed the message and the follow through to make his predictions worthless.
    Ken, I give you credit for giving the “wing nuts” of our industry a voice, but after 15 years of hearing that the world is coming to an end from Mr. Jones, it’s time for Mr. Jones rants to come to an end.
Bart A. Didden, President 
U.S.A. Central Station Alarm Corp. 
Port Chester, NY 
Milford, CT 
St. Paul, MN