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liability exposure for audio in common area / scanning documents / ACH and Credit Cards / see webinar schedule below February 25, 2017
liability exposure for audio in common area
    I have a client with many apartment buildings in NYC where we have video. These are hosted systems with a local backup. This client wants us to install a camera with audio recording in a common area of the building.
    Specifically a hallway near the apartment of a verbally abusive tenant.  I advised that they may be breaking privacy laws and asked if there was an expectation of privacy if a tenant didn’t see anyone else around. He is an attorney btw, and stated that he isn’t concerned about it as he can get affidavits from the brokers trying to rent the apartment. My question is, he may not be concerned but I am. What is our exposure?      As you know we use your All in One, modified for sales/ lease, which you approved.
    You can install the camera with audio.  You can put on your Schedule of Equipment and Services that "subscriber has been advised to use equipment legally" or "subscriber advised to check audio and video laws for lawful use of equipment".  You have no liability, which is not to suggest that you won't get sued, but that's what the indemnity provision is for.
    Few other observations.  I know you're not an attorney, so why would you advise a subscriber that they are "breaking privacy laws" and going even further by getting into a conversation about "expectation of privacy" with the subscriber?  Even if you were an attorney that conversation is inappropriate.  Raising that issue, or having a concern for yourself, would be appropriate if you are asked to install a camera with or without audio in a place you know damn well isn't legal.  A public bathroom toilet.  A hotel bedroom.  A Catholic Church confessional.  NSA headquarters.  
    One other thing that you mention, your modified sale/lease.  I approved?  I don't combine sale with lease.  I won't draft it.  Perhaps you drafted it and caught me at a weak moment.  The Standard Commercial All in One, in sale or lease format, is the right contract for the above transaction.
scanning documents
    I just had a question regarding scanning documents.  Is it okay to scan the contract documents after they are signed and email a copy instead of sending hard copies in the mail (due to the expense)?  
    Also is there anything in the contract that would let me out of the terms of the agreement if something was to happen down the road?
    I was also wondering if there was a way to have a recurring payment through a credit card in addition or instead of a bank account?
Thanks for your help!
    You can scan the signed contract.  Be sure to scan the entire document.  You can mail a hard copy.  If you want to email the copy you will need to get a Disclosure and Consent to Electronic Communication form signed.  You can get that at
    There are many provisions in the contract that permit suspension or termination of the contract by you, but there are no provisions that permit unfettered termination.  Giving you the right to cancel anytime should not be unilateral and you don't want to give the subscriber that right.
    When you get our Standard Form Agreements we include ACH and credit card provisions.  Whether you can set up the credit card processing for automatic monthly charge depends on your deal with the credit card processing company.  I recommend you contact SkyBank - listed on The Alarm Exchange with this listing:
SkyBank Financial. Full service payment processor specializing in custom solutions for the Security Industry with integrated solutions to most popular monitoring software. FREE access to state-of-the-art SkyBank Gateway including Virtual Terminal, Automated Recurring Billing modules, and Electronic Invoicing. Customized solutions for credit/debit and e-check (ACH). LIFETIME LOWEST RATE GUARANTEE. Contact Thomas Aronica at 800-617-9980, applynow@skybankfinancial.com

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