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Is it phone carriers fault / More Honeywell / A thank you
August 6, 2019
Is it phone carriers fault
            You guys are providing a great service. Thank you Ken
            I am a US Risk client and have another issue besides the 4G issue that is a bad situation.
            The email below is a response to one of my customers with phone line testing problems again.
            “I don’t quite understand why Verizon can’t verify that the line has been restored to the RJ Jack. I think they want you to sign up for inside the building connection service. They don’t mind shutting down a telephone line to a mandatory required life safety fire panel, then you pay to upgrade to Fios and they can’t verify restored service. Then you have to pay us to come finish the job. They say they can’t touch the equipment. They turned off service to a RJ31X phone jack, Why can’t they just re connect it. I have at least 10 customers whose lines were just shut off and the only option is to upgrade”
             Maybe Verizon is sending out notices to their customers warning of this service termination and it’s the customers fault. But these life safety fire systems per NFPA 72 code and enforced by local authorities AHJ. I have customers with no knowledge of shut off until we call them and tell them the phone line is not sending the required daily test. Some were down and still down going on 5 weeks. There are some big liability issues here. These providers should not be turning off service like this.
 Thank You. 
Hank Ayton
More Honeywell
          Honeywell did advise that they would not activate SIM cards on 4G radios starting July 1st 2019. The existing 4G radios on the system would not be interrupted. All new activations must be LTE. 
            Keep in mind there will be a “sunset” on 4G. I believe time line is 2022.
Tony Gallo 


            Reply to Anonymous,

            Alarm companies have been put on notice by Honeywell and AlarmNet as to the end-of-life date for GSM radios and also as to when AlarmNet will no longer accept registering GSM radios.  This topic has been a current topic in the alarm industry for a long time and I can’t imagine any alarm company not being aware of it.  In addition Honeywell is offering a $20 rebate for the rest of this year for anyone who replaces a 3G/4G GSM radio with a new LTE radio.

Bruce from Florida

A thank you
            Thank you for all the good feedback on your forum. When I read your emails I get a lot of information and also take your suggestions about the most important thing is the contracts. When I talk about contracts and say I have Ken’s contracts they say you are in very good company and also makes me do better business.
            I appreciate the valuable guidance. I will be joining the concierge program.
 Thank you again
 Paul Gallo
New Jersey Firm

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