Two issues seem to converge and warrant consideration.  
    First, you are in the RMR business.  Growing your recurring monthly revenue under contract is the business you're in.  Sure, you've chosen the alarm industry as your vehicle to RMR growth.  If you think you're in the alarm industry and RMR happens to be a way to conduct business then you need an attitude adjustment.  Selling RMR under contract is your business and you grow that business by getting repair service, inspection, monitoring, leasing under contract.  The Standard Form Agreements break these services down and make selling these RMR services easier.  
    Second, POTS is on its way out.  VoIP seems like the future.  Time was that no alarm systems worked with VoIP.  One home after another lost alarm signal communication when converting to cable, primarily because the cable companies simply disconnected to alarm system when converting from POTS to cable.  We found out when there was an alarm signal that didn't communicate with the central station.  Test signals make that scenario a bit less likely and VoIP communication is clearly growing.
    How does this impact you as an alarm dealer?  You're now being offered an opportunity to increase your RMR by offering VoIP.  You bring the technology to your subscriber and capitalize on both RMR opportunities.  
    Cloud-based VoIP and PBX phone systems is provided by MongoTEL, a leading service provider of quality, cloud-based VoIP and PBX phone systems exclusively distributed through the security industry. The proprietary hardware/software platform offers a full-featured solution with live U.S.-based support. The comprehensive dealer program enables dealers and integrators to seamlessly integrate this low voltage solution to their offerings, which adds more value and generates RMR.  Become a MongoTEL dealer.  MongoTEL is listed on The Alarm Exchange under Technology and Services that increases your RMR.  I know MongoTEL is at ISC West this year, so check them out.  The Standard Form All in One can easily be modified to include the VoIP service adding to your RMR.
    For more information contact Simi Brown 718-942-9990 x 301 Simi@mongotel.com https://mongotel.com
    We are covering tenant premises- alarm will be in the spaces they rent.  For instance, the landlord is renting a duplex with two separate apartments.  The tenants will most likely turnover during the contract that the landlord signs with us.  Are we covered by the contract the landlord signs with us or do we need to have the tenants sign one. 
    Both sign separate contracts.  Landlord signs because he has certain interests and is paying the bill.  The tenants sign because they have to sign a call list, may order additional services the landlord isn't paying for, and they are the end user.  You need to have them agree to the protective provisions in the Standard All in One Agreement.  Also, a landlord may be signing a Commercial All in One.  The residential tenants sign the Residential All in One.  Have them both sign the Disclaimer Notice.