Honeywell has a new dealer program and intends to drop the First Alert brand.  Can you let me know if the terms of the new dealer program are much different than the terms of the First Alert dealer program.  Do dealers need to change their contracts?
    Honeywell is replacing the First Alert brand with the Honeywell brand.  Dealers need to sign a new dealer agreement.  The new agreement is substantially similar to the First Alert agreement.  The most significant provisions are that: 

  • The dealer needs to carry one million dollars minimum E&O insurance and name Honeywell as an additional insured.  
  • The dealer needs to indemnify Honeywell if there is any claim, including, defective products manufactured by Honeywell.
  • If the dealer has a contract with its subscriber [and would be a fool if it didn't] then the same protective provisions must inure to the benefit of Honeywell.

    These provisions aren't really new because they are in the First Alert program agreement.  
    The good news is that unlike alarm.com, the Standard Form Agreements do not need to be changed to accommodate the Honeywell dealer program or doing business with Honeywell.  As some of you may know, if you do business with alarm.com you must either incorporate specific terms protecting alarm.com in your contract or use a rider.  Since I don't think the alarm.com terms are helpful to the dealer I offer a rider.  
    We will make a slight change in the Standard Form agreements to accommodate Honeywell's terms, but you won't need a separate rider or agreement signed by your subscriber.  The change to the Standard Forms will be to include manufacturers under the subcontractor provision, extending the protection of the contract to Honeywell.  The change will be available with the January 2016 update.  Check with our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda to update your Standard Form Agreements.  (516) 747 6700 x 312.  
    First of all the Notifier panel wants its own dialer. (2 channel preferable) iP / GSM / Pots line whatever.  Make sure your communications device is LISTED for commercial fire AND cross listed for the panel. If in fact the writer IS a Notifier dealer I am very concerned about the vetting of Notofier dealers for knowledge and competance..  Secondly just because the Burg panel is a 128 does not mean you use the SECOND DIALER for your Notifier panel. (Or any other fire panel for that matter.)
    Do it right the first time because when you screw up a burglar system people lose money.
    Screw up a fire alarm and people may die.
    Name POSTED because I am not shy..
Joel Kent