This link is a 2 minute description from ISC West of how an alarm dealer can make RMR with DIY without impacting his normal professionally installed business.  Because we are now part of Honeywell, this was Videofied’s last ISC West booth and we were swamped.  It was packed with dealers looking for a way to make traditional RMR on the new DIY market – and not kill their existing business.  DragonFly was also prominently featured in Honeywell’s booth and dealers were lined up there as well.

    DragonFly takes care of eCommerce, fulfillment, and tech support to the consumer – this means that DragonFly does not pollute or impact the dealer’s own techs, sales people.  The “money making machine” that sells and installs professional alarm systems is not touched by the DIY effort.  His techs and sales people are not trained and don’t really have to know that the DIY project is happening.  There are no distractions for the traditional side of the business.  More than that, because the dealer creates a different brand for the DIY website; the DragonFly project does not dilute the brand and value of their established business either. 
    For additional short clips that better explain “How it Works” there is a DragonFly YouTube channel
that explains how consumers can invite neighbors to be “followers” and use the OUTDOOR cameras to create a “Virtual Neighborhood Security System.”  Two Central Stations (USA Central and CMS) already have DragonFly Dealer Programs and dealers were eager to get into the program during the show in Vegas.
    DIY for the dealer is now simple, risk-free, and profitable.
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    I have suggested that DIY is ripe for the alarm industry and that DIY customers in all likelihood don't compete with customers who want professional installation and service.  Some customers may be a mix.  
    Getting into the DIY business can be as easy as finding a manufacturer to drop ship and a central station to monitor.  Of course marketing and selling the DIY system and monitoring is the costly part.  The DragonFly program seems to make it even simpler because the alarm dealer is really limited to a referral source and collects an on going commission.  
    Those of you who are looking to, or hoping to, increase your RMR should look into this program and see if it's a good fit for you.  The one issue I have is that the way the program is structured it doesn't look like the dealer is contracting with the customer.  Thus, while the dealer may be getting an income stream, there is no buildup of RMR contracts to sell.  All a dealer would have to sell is the income stream and that's not going to bring the same multiple as a traditional monitoring contract.