Regarding signatures on a contract.... We regularly email paperwork to clients for approval (via their secretaries, property managers, personal assistants, etc.).  The request from our office is always the same:
    "Please have documents completed as detailed, signed by an authorized signatory and returned to our office.  The appointment can be scheduled upon receipt of the completed documents via fax or email; however, please also return the original signed documents for our files." 
    Here's the question(s):  What if I suspect the docs have been signed by someone other than the named customer?  If I am positive (because it doesn't match previously signed docs), then should I request a copy of a power of attorney? And if it's just a suspicion, am I covered by way of the email (to the person who I have been instructed to deal with) that the signatory be "authorized"? 
    As always, I appreciate your feedback.  Thanks!
    Your procedure for getting the contracts signed is reasonable.  But when you know a signature doesn't match, when you know it's not actually signed by the by the person whose signature purports to be on the contract, you should not consider the contract signed; reject it.  Rather than a power of attorney in that circumstance I think you need to obtain ratification of the signature or a new signature.  Either way you need to get the approval of the person whose signature is on that contract.
    Enforcing the contract when you don't have a real signature can be tricky and depends on several factors I am not going to address here.  Suffice it to say that the proper response to your inquiry is to obtain the real signature.
    Can we deny performing a service call  to an account and we are monitoring if they have not paid for recent service calls we performed.
Thank You,
Tracy A
    I am going to assume that your subscriber has signed a Standard All in One, because if not then whatever contract was signed, if any, may specifiy your remedy.  The All in One ties in all services and payments, so that a failure to pay any service would constitute a default by the subscriber entitling you to suspend all services.  
    If you are under contract for monitoring and the subscriber doesn't pay a service call you will have to continue providing monitoring unless your contract permits termination, as the All in One form does.