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follow up on workers comp / fire monitoring in NYC
April 21, 2018

follow up on workers comp from April 14, 2018
    Your comments in articles on April 12 2018 on insurance brokers and agents, and your article on April 14, 2018 re Workers Comp were absolutely right.  
    Dealers must engage professionals to assist them in insurance matters.  Whether it be Work Comp, GL, Auto, alarm E&O or other lines of business.  Even if you are engaging a broker, are you engaging the right one?  If a broker isn’t someone who deals with that particular line of coverage on an everyday basis, they aren’t the right broker.  Engage the right professionals.  
    That all being said – be aware that it is not uncommon for commercial lines insurance to be subject to audits.  US Risk and Security America now offer Work Comp Coverage on a national basis.  We have experts in work comp insurance to help insureds through the process and thoroughly explain the insurance process and coverages.  Give us a call and we would be happy to help you with your work comp needs.  800-315-3838.  You can speak with Rhett Butler or myself
Crystal Jacobs, RPLU, Vice President
Professional Liability
Office: 214-647-5003   Cell: 512-923-6278

    US Risk manages 
SARRG, which is owned by the alarm companies purchasing the insurance through ESA.  SARRG is moving from a risk retention group to a risk purchasing group and is 

  • selling insurance in all states

  • offering liability insurance with Errors and Omissions coverage for the alarm industry

  • now offering other insurance such as Workers Comp and whatever else you need

    As you know, it's distinguished Claims Administrator is Bart DIdden, and he is also a great point person if there are any issues, questions or you need to get something done.  So call him if need to.  
    Now is a good time to check to make sure you have enough E&O coverage and are paying the best premium for that coverage.  
SARRG should be your first call.  Also, whether you have lots of employees or just yourself, get and maintain Workers Comp insurance.  Even if by yourself and in your state not required to carry WC, you'll be glad you have it if you get injured on the job or you want to do subcontracting work.  BTW, if you do subcontracting work and whoever is hiring you hasn't required you to have Workers Comp, you probably should find out what kind of operation they are running, if they have a contract with the subscriber, liability with E&O coverage, their own WC insurance, and whether they will be able to pay you when you finish the job.  [because No to any one of the items likely means the answer to the last item is No].  

fire monitoring in NYC
    Clarification to your comments on monitoring fire alarms in NYC in the April 17, 2018 article.  In NYC, in order to get an approval, the FDNY is looking for a monitoring agreement with an FDNY Approved central station alarm company-not just a monitoring agreement with any central station alarm company.
Richard Kleinman, President
AFA Protective Systems, Inc.
Syosset, NY

    I should have mentioned that.  In NYC only central stations that are certified by the NYC Fire Department are permitted to monitor fire alarms in NYC.  AFA Protective is one of about 14 central stations and the oldest central station in NYC.
    If you have a moment you should check out AFA's website for a terrific history of the alarm industry in NYC.  


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