Where can we obtain this "AT&T MARCH ZIP CODE SHUT-DOWN LIST?"  I googled and can find it.
    Anyone know?
    While everyone is just panicked about the 2g sunset no one is really looking forward to where the carriers are going right now and what the next sunset is.  As an example they are all scrambling to get LTE working everywhere along with HD voice by 2021, this transition will likely squeeze out what's being installed today and if you do an Internet search on 5G you will see AT&T and Verizon both started testing 5G radios in Q1 which is a whole different animal.
    The world's need for speed is overwhelming to say the least and there is a finite amount of radio spectrum available for cellular carriers to utilize. In my humble opinion the alarm industry should plan on seven year cycles in most metropolitan areas.  Manufacturers should be producing consumer replaceable radios so alarm providers can mail subscribers new modules instead of doing truck rolls.
    I don't see an end to this as long as the alarm industry continues to ride on others networks.  
Morgan Hertel, VP of Operations
Rapid Response Monitoring
    The way I see it, if you document that you've made efforts to resolve the situation and made the customer aware of the consequences it comes down to the old saying,  "You can lead a horse to water but can't make it drink ". Keep records and don't charge for monitoring you can't provide. 
Larry Dove
    Why not just program one each ..... a new 4G radio...... then ..... go knock on the door and say " I'm here to change over your radio". If it's a business you can do it during the day. If it's a residence, show up around 6 .... 7PM. It's only going to take about 20 minutes to hang a new radio, test it and leave. Even if you have to "give" them the radio. If they're a good paying account, and have a long term to go on their contract,  why take any risk of losing the RMR?  If they're not a good account. send them notice in advance, wait till the cut off date and ...... then send them a cancellation notice and walk away. If they weren't good payers up till now, trying to collect on the balance of a contract isn't going to be any easier.   
 my philosophy is: 
     "Having no account is better than having one that doesn't pay"   ....
Reliable Alarm