Regarding the folks starting their company [from Dec 19 2016 article].   You might approach it this way – YOU WANT INSURANCE – RIGHT???   WELL, SURPRISE, NO CONTRACT, NO INSURANCE!  When I was sued years ago the very FIRST THING the insurance company wanted was a copy of the contract with the subscriber.

  • It made no difference we contacted the subscriber 3-TIMES!
  • It made no difference the Police could not climb the fencing…

    For those people wondering if they need to be concerned about contracts, ask these folks if they enjoy 5 years of their life being ripped from them in investigations, days of depositions and court appearances!
    Because of the CONTRACT the insurance company stayed with us!  Ask those folks if they can afford several hundred thousands  of dollars in the LEGAL FEES….  Ask those folks how much are their houses worth???
    While I’m on my horse….. I had the opportunity to obtain a LARGE commercial complex of about 25 buildings. The real estate folks wanted me to sign off on THEIR CONTRACT.   My insurance agent asked the head of the real estate firm  “If the fire department does not appear and the building burns down despite our dispatch, do you REALLY EXPECT US TO BUILD YOU A NEW BUILDING” ?  The guy stated “YES”…..I walked away…..
    Could it have happened?   Well, years ago the Fire Department went on strike. Police orders were to shoot and kill anyone carrying a can of gasoline suspiciously ….. a lumber yard’s fire alarm went off, no response from the Fire Department! THEY WERE ON STRIKE!
With regards,
Joseph (Joe) Pfefer, President
Jade Alarm Co
2017 contract updates are ready - ON SALE NOW - see sale announcement
    The Standard Form Agreements have been updated for 2017.  We've added a non-disparagement provision.  We added a liquidated damage provision when the installation is delayed by the subscriber or others. We modified the monthly payment provision for services so that you have option to give one lump sum instead of separate charges. Fire Protection contract inspection provision was modified in several ways.  Retention of ownership of decals and yard signs was added.  Warning on audio and video added.  Fire All in One added provision to deal with inconsistent agreements.  Other changes have been made and you should check with our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 ext 312 to see if your form needs updating.  We starting adding the updates several months ago so you may be up to date.  Keep in mind that our updates are free for 6 months and half price for 12 months.  Updates will be prepared and sent out after the new orders are processed.  The sale ends January 6, 2017, so please be patient.  

notice of contract sale - order at www.alarmcontracts.com [you don't need a lawyer to figure this out - order during the sale and save thousands of dollars - call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 for assistance]
    Contract sale starts now and runs through January 6, 2017, ending at 3 PM.  The discount will be accepted on all orders received between now and January 6, 2017 by 3 PM*.  This will definitely be the best deal of 2017.  Here's the deal:
    Buy 1 Residential, Commercial or Fire All in One and get $100 off and $25 off Disclaimer Notice
    Buy 2 All in One forms and get $100 off first and $200 off second and $50 off Disclaimer Notice and $100 off alarm.com rider.   Save up to $450.
    Buy 3 or more All in One forms and get same as above and $300 off the third form and $400 off the fourth form.  Save up to $1150.00 [Residential, Commercial, Fire, Home Automation]
    Commercial Mobile Surveillance Lease $1000.  Save $500
    The Fire All in One with Security Rider $1250.00.  Save $400.00  Add the Commercial Fire All in One and the Commercial All in One and get $200 off each.  Save $800.00
    Qualifier Agreement  $1200.00   Save $300.00
    Nationwide DIY with monitoring.  $3500.00  Save $1000.00**
    Nationwide PERS with or without GPS tracking.  $3500.00  Save $1000.00**
* Your order must be placed on line at www.alarmcontracts.com and received by our office no later than January 6, 2017 by 3 PM EST.  Orders must contain valid credit card payment.  Fill out the order form, add up your charges (we will check the arithmetic) and put in "promo" after your total.  Orders arriving after sale ends will be returned or with your approval charged regular published rates.  Orders will be processed in order received.  Rush orders, delivered by email within 48 hours, add 15%.
** Does not include consultation or modification
What's our Guarantee policy re updates?
    Free updates within 6 months of purchase*
    Half price within 6 months to 1 year*
* applies to original purchase only
To check if you need or are entitled to an update contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312.  Update orders are processed after discounted or full price orders.