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False Alarm Fines and fake news / enhanced call verification
September 6, 2017
False Alarm Fines and fake news
     Regarding the Aug 19 2017  Newsletter topic “False Alarm Fines”. |
     We all appreciate the Kirschenbaum guidance in this sensitive and critical issue impacting the many stakeholders. There is a back-story to that headline from the SIAC blog…“Municipalities Banned from Fining Alarm Companies in California”.  Some of us believe the headline could be considered FAKE NEWS, for several reasons. 

  • ADT (not SIAC) was the sponsor, with support from CAA/ California Alarm Association.
  • Read the Bill 1616, it does Not ban Munis from fining alarm companies.
  • The language of the bill includes so much legal gibberish that most layman will not read or understand.
  • Fake news headlines could be used by SIAC to support its funding and recruiting.
  • Fake news headlines could be used by local alarm associations to manipulate small vulnerable Munies.
  • Fake news headlines could be used by ADT to support its planned IPO.
  • Fake news headlines could dilute or destroy market value of RMR.
    We believe ADT and SIAC have finally poked both the beehive, and the big bear. Licensed, remote monitoring firms are the single source that can neutralize the false alarm issue and preserve the critical public/private partnership. Yet, they are disclaiming accountability, motivating law enforcement toward country-wide VR-Verified Response, wherein most private property alarms are considered low, or no priority nuisance alarms, like vehicle alarms. Similar to most other countries around the globe. We often forget, local police have No duty to respond and nearly all AHJ can set response priority at time of the incoming call.  
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
enhanced call verification
Have you dealt with enhanced call verification in your contracts?
    The Standard All in One Agreement, Commercial or Residential, both have a separate line item for charging for alarm verification.  So it's there if you want to charge for it or just give it away.  There is no detailed discussion in the contracts regarding alarm verification or alarm fines.  Alarm verification is something that the central station will do because it's required to by law or it wants to because it prefers to cut down on false alarms.  Regarding alarm fines, it's simple.  The alarm company will pass those fines along to the subscriber. 


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