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Enhanced Service Plans and cyber security; do you need another contract
June 5, 2018
Enhanced Service Plans and cyber security; do you need another contract 
    As part of our business we offer some of our clients with larger residential systems enhanced service contracts that give them priority over other clients, reduced service labor rates and some included service labor in the plans, as well as unlimited remote service/diagnotics (rebooting equipment to restore functionality).  These systems include A/V systems, WiFi, computer network equipment, cameras, security, and automation systems. We currently have your Residential All in One contract for security.   I am wondering if the Home Automation and Integration contract would cover this type of service contract (for the non-security relates equipment/service) or is this something that would have to be created on a custom basis?  
    I am particularly interested in the cyber security aspect of this as we are setting up/installing and servicing these residential computer networks within these homes. 
    Staying with the cyber security theme do you have a contract that would cover a similar service contract as describe above for a business including an RMR charge for actively monitoring the computer network for intrusion? 
Thank you,
    The Residential All in One has a Repair Service Plan as an option, as opposed to a Per Call Service Plan.  While the Repair Service Plan does cover parts and labor [something you are free to modify if you wish] it doesn't offer an "Enhanced Plan" with all the added coverage and benefits you describe.   But, that's what the Schedule of Equipment and Services is for.  You could modify the All In One to provide for Enhanced Repair Service Plan [or whatever your marketing idea is] or you could have it printed in the Schedule of Equipment and Services, ready to be selected and filled out with any detail you want to add, as well as the additional charge, if any and if not already included on the front of the contract in the RMR item charges.  The updated All in One forms for residential or the commercialform already address this issue nicely.
    As for Home Automation and Integration, if you are installing security equipment you can use the Residential All in One and include the home automation equipment and services in that contract.  If no security is offered then you should use the Home Automation and Integration Agreement, and be sure no security equipment is included.
    The All in One agreements cover cyber security, so nothing additional is required.  If you are installing computer equipment as part of the security or home automation then it's just part of the system or services.  You don't need a new contract.
    Regarding your request for a contract for computer monitoring.  Yes, we have done a contract for this, but it's not offered as a Standard Form.  Please call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 for assistance.If you are monitoring the subscriber's computer network as well as its security and access control, you can probably use the Commercial All in One for all services, especially with some detail in the Schedule of Equipment and Services.  We are always here to assist.


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