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emergency numbers changed in CT and selecting your cs / new fees in California / ISC West
February 27 , 2018
emergency numbers changed in CT and selecting your cs / ISC West

      I wanted to keep this anonymous but here is something that just happened in CT.  
    Many of the dispatch phone numbers have changed for Police and Fire. There could be up to 15 -20 towns that are now being dispatched from a new PSAPs( Public Safety Answering Points), the problem is there has been no notifications to central stations or alarm companies as far as I can tell.  The biggest issue is that some areas, you call the "old number" and you get a recording that just states the number you have reached is no longer is service. I cant get any answers locally and from the FCC I was able to get a map showing the lines of groups in the state but no mention of PD vs Fire vs ems nor any new phone numbers. Just wanted to bring this to your attention to see If you have heard anything about this.
    I haven't heard about this but I'm not in the central station business.  Question is, has your central station heard about this and taken steps to call the correct numbers?  This may not be unique to Connecticut.  Dealers have a responsibility to select a central station that meets at least the minimal standards for a central station operation.  To the extent that the central station fails to meet these standards the more likely you may be held accountable for selecting a sub-standard central station.  This would be akin to sending out untrained employees or subcontractors - those you knew were not up to the task.  
    While selecting the cheapest central station around may not mean that it's not "as good as the others" or that it's "not good at all", one may wonder how a central station that charges less is able to provide the services that a wholesale central station is expected to provide.  Whose expectation?  Well for starters, your subscribers.  Then perhaps UL, central station associations that promulgate guidelines that are generally accepted in the industry, better business and consumer affair agencies; maybe your own assessment.  "Good enough" may be OK for a meal or seats at the movies, but not for life safety services.  Start your search with the central stations on The Alarm Exchange.  At least we haven't had complaints that would cause their de-listing.  
    This may be a good time to announce that I'll be at the ISC West show this year and I am looking forward to meeting as many of you, in person, as I can.  I'll be speaking at the Stages luncheon on April 12, around 11 am.  I will also be at the SSI honors cocktail event on April 10 [I am on the Hall of Fame nominating committee for Life Time Achievement induction].  I'll be in the exhibition center on April 11 and I am scheduling a few meet and greet times - I'll be sure to let you know where and what time.  As of now I hope to be at Rapid Response and COPS at some time during the day.  I'll be happy to help you negotiate your dealer agreement with them while I am there - no charge.  

new fees in California / ISC West
    Just when you thought things couldn't get much worse ....  California has upped its license fees for alarm companies.  The current fees apply if application is mailed or submitted by July 1, 2018.  As of July 2, 2018 the new fees apply.  
                                                              Current Fee         New Fee            
                                                                        $                     $
Alarm Company (ACO)
      Initial Application                                       35        370
      Initial License                                            280        600
      Reassignment                                          125        400
      Renewal                                                   335        750
      Replacement License                              10        25

Alarm Company Branch (ACB)
       Initial                                                         35        250
       Renewal                                                    35        150
       Replacement Certificate                           10         25    
Alarm Company Employee (ACE)
       Initial Application                                      17        55
       Renewal                                                    7        40
       Replacement Registration                        10        25

Alarm Company Qualified Manager (ACQ)

        Initial Application and Exam                      105        350
        Re-Exam                                                   165        60 [went down]
        Renewal                                                    120         225
        Replacement Certificate                            10        25


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