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Do you use Subscriber Training Certificate - sample form
March 24, 2018
Do you use Subscriber Training Certificate - sample form 

    Re:  Camera & Audio & Alarm Concerns
    Below is the Customer Training Certification form I developed for our company.  I know you cover it in your 
contracts but it’s just a little added protection…...they can’t say, “No one trained me.” or “I didn’t know there were laws concerning what cameras can look at.”     If you think they would be beneficial to others, feel free to use it!
    Took your advice & had my agent request a quote from SARRG.  Hope to hear from them soon.
    Thanks so much for your emails.  I learn something new every day…plus when I’m enjoying my morning coffee and reading your emails I am actually “working!”
Tena Edwards
A.I.D. Security, Inc.

    Tena, it was very nice of you to share the Training Certificate.  I think it's a great idea.  
Here it is, and if you use it make sure you thank Tena.  I just noticed that since it's creation in 2012 Tena's form has been revised 4 times.  You can see why the 
Standard Form Agreements need to be revised at least annually.
                                              A.I.D. Security, Inc., 
                    P.O. Box 4314, Gadsden, AL 35904, License #:  446, 256-546-3701

                               Customer Training & System Function Certification
All users have been adequately trained in the proper use of the following system:
    _____  Security,  _____ CCTV 

I, the undersigned, have been adequately trained and will be responsible to train all other users who are not present in the proper use of the following system:
    _____  Security,  _____  CCTV 


I do not feel confident in using and/or training others who were not present at initial training and would like an additional training session to be scheduled in the use of the following system: 
    _____  Security,  _____  CCTV 

_____  I will notify A.I.D. Security, Inc. and my city’s authorities (if required) of any changes to my contact list.


_____  I understand that I am responsible to purchase an alarm permit from my city’s/county's police department     and to follow all my city's/county's rules/regulations concerning security systems.


_____  I will immediately notify the main office of A.I.D. Security, Inc. at 256-546-3701 of any false alarms and I agree that until service is rendered the zone(s) causing false alarms will be put “on test” and/or     bypassed until service is completed.

_____  I understand that there are federal and state laws concerning the use of CCTV systems and that it is my responsibility to research/seek legal counsel and follow these laws. 
_____  I attest that the following system is functioning and in good working order:
    _____Security System,  _____  CCTV System

_____  I attest that the security/cctv system is functioning and in good working order except for the following:        ______________________________________________________________________________

Business Name (if applicable):  ____________________________Permit #: ___________

Customer & Spouse/Other Names (printed):  ___________________________________________________ 

Customer Signature: _________________________________ Date:  _______________ 

Spouse/Other Signature:  _____________________________ Date:  _______________

Technician:  ________________________________________ Date:  _______________ 

Address:   _____________________________________________________________________________ 
Dev 9/2012, Rev 1/2015, 9/22/2015, 11/29/2016, 3/16/2018


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