An interesting article appeared in CE PRO magazine [link to article is below].  Interesting not only because I am mentioned, but because it's about a traditional alarm company deciding to get involved in DIY security business.   Not a switch in operations, just a supplement to the professionally installed and monitored systems.  It's a great idea, for many reasons.
    DIY products are designed for end user installation, wireless, and self monitored by end user owned smart phone and sometimes professional monitoring.  The self monitoring typically goes through the manufacturer's portal and therefore a recurring monthly charge is incurred.  This of course affords the alarm company the opportunity for RMR for the monitoring service, whether self monitoring or professional monitoring.  
    I've heard alarm company owners complain that DIY equipment is not up to the same standards are the professional equipment they customarily use.  I don't know if that is true.  If it is, it's more than likely that it won't be that way for much longer because technology is evolving quickly and becoming cheaper.  
    I've expressed that I believe DIY is not going to hurt the professional alarm companies.  It will increase awareness of availability of alarms and other security, particularly cameras.  I believe it will supplement professional systems, not replace them.  A segment of the population is going to want the best security available, and for the moment that means professionally installed systems.  But don't kid yourself, equipment is becoming more reliable, cheaper to manufacture and monitor and the wireless DIY is much cheaper to install.  Once the wireless equipment is accepted by AHJ for all systems that become the standard.  
    So how long are you going to hold out before considering this new avenue of RMR?  Believe me, the ship is about to depart the dock.  I get calls almost daily from someone interested in getting into the DIY market.  Some calls are from outside the industry, but many are from traditional alarm companies who have decided to supplement their professional installation operation.  
    What will you need to consider if you want to go into the DIY market.  Well, really there are two ways to do it.  One, remain local in your territory, offering DIY systems in place of or in addition to your professionally installed systems.  This option doesn't add any additional considerations to your business activities.  The other option is a DIY nationwide operation, marketing DIY in areas well beyond your traditional territory.  This option will entail:

  • a nationwide contract which you get by calling our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda (516) 747- 6700 x 312
  • licensing in numerous jurisdictions.  You can call me for licensing information and assistance in finding license holders in required jurisdictions

    The DIY market is ramping up and you need to get moving if you want to get into this area of business while the opportunities are emerging.
    The link to the Ce Pro article is http://www.cepro.com/article/comtronics_makes_diy_security_work_for_them_not_against_them