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DIY problem not going away / more on cyber security
May 14, 2019
DIY problem not going away
            This is a problem that is not going to go away.
            Everyone is talking about Simply Safe at $15 per month.  What about the "Ring" they are $10 per month with cellular.
That's less then my cost as a dealer for central station and 4G-5G Service.
            I have started to concentrate more on commercial fire, as they do not have the ability to capture that market.  Also "we" as the alarm dealers need to promote personal service, and the ability to interact on the customers behalf when we receive trouble or supervisory signals, as the home owners usually will ignore those for weeks if not months.
            IF we don't adapt as a profession / industry we will all be gone like the dinosaurs within 10-15 years!!!!!
Hold on tightly, it's going to be as strange journey
Dimitry Boss
Boss Security Systems Inc
            You're smart to diversify, from high end, commercial fire, to offering lower end  DIY equipment.  There are many systems ad services the low end DIY market is not offering, from video doorman, guard, runner and patrol service, access control, fire installations, inspection and monitoring and cyber security.  
more on cyber security
            Reliance on a global supply chain introduces multiple risks to alarm dealers and customers.  Supply chain threats have always been present but are becoming more exploitable as they are connected to information systems and networks.
            Cybersecurity related threats are varied and can include:
• installation of intentionally harmful hardware or software (i.e., containing “malicious logic”);
• installation of counterfeit hardware or software; • failure or disruption in the production or distribution of critical products;
• reliance on malicious or unqualified service providers for the performance of technical services; and
• installation of hardware or software containing unintentional vulnerabilities, such as defective code.
            These threats can have a range of impacts, including allowing adversaries to take control of systems or decreasing the availability of materials needed to develop and operate alarm systems. These threats can be introduced by exploiting vulnerabilities that could exist at multiple points in the supply chain and installation into customer environments. Examples of such vulnerabilities include the acquisition of products or parts from unauthorized distributors; inadequate testing of software updates and patches; and incomplete information on IT suppliers. Malicious actors could exploit these vulnerabilities, leading to the loss of the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of systems and the information they contain.
            Failure to implement security controls can result in liability against alarm dealers, contractors, and installers.
            This is why alarm contractors need to undergo inspection and monitoring for cyber threats and vulnerabilities
Darnell Washington
            You can learn a great deal more about cyber security on the SecureXperts website.  I believe there is going to be a dealer network program in the works so that you can offer cyber security to your subscribers and benefit in the monitoring RMR required to insure continued security against cyber attack.   Feel free to reach out to Darnell Washington directly.

You can check out the program and sign up here: or contact our Program Coordinator Stacy Spector, Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304.

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