We are running into more and more organizations that want to open a DIY program. Almost exclusively people from outside the industry but almost always large players in their own industry.
    Most of them are looking for the fastest way to market, Rapid Response can get the monitoring part done very quickly but invariably they get hung up on licensing. We are adamant that they have licensing in the areas they do business in so it becomes a sticking point.
    What we’re thinking would be to pass these guys to you to help them get all the proper licenses and also help them find qualifiers for those states that require them.
    There are also some grey areas like California as many of these new players have retail storefronts so the questions become does each one need a branch license and all the employees need ACE licenses. This is just one example.
Morgan Hertel | VP of Technology and Innovation
Rapid Response Monitoring
    Seems like I am getting DIY and licensing questions daily.  We can assist.  We offer a nationwide contract for DIY which we closely monitor and update.  We also offer a Qualifier Agreement between company and license holder.  Additionally we assist in finding a license holder willing to qualify for a company and perform the necessary license obligations.
    DIY companies will need, at the very least, an alarm license in those states where alarm services include monitoring.  When the DIY operation engages in other activities, such as assist with installation, on site service, or door to door sales then there are more licenses required.  My office can identify the licenses required and assist with finding license holders and procuring the license.  
    Central stations make the right decision by insisting that the DIY companies obtain proper licenses and use proper contracts.  For information on our nationwide agreements contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at (516) 747-6700 x 312 and for licensing contact Jesse Kirschenbaum,Esq at (516) 747-6700 x 317.  Of course I am available and can be reached at x 301.
    Re the Rider.  We use your Residential All in One and the rider.  Do we need to list out a separate dollar amount on this page? We would prefer to just lump the cost of any monthly RMR from add-ons into the dollar amount included in 3(a)(ii) on page 1 of the primary agreement with the customer (instead of having to separate and break out the costs).  We would then just use the RIDER to have the customer check-off the requested services, but remove the field where we need to enter a specific separate dollar amount for the fees (everything would be quoted in a bundled price in 3(a)(ii).
    Thank you
********************* requires your end users agree to terms and conditions.  Last time I saw those terms it required the total of the RMR payments to be made by the end  user, and that's what goes on the rider.