DIY and false alarms
    With regards to your August 31 2016 commentary concerning DIY verification and alarm company verification in general.  What is overlooked in the discussion is.......the overall reliability of any system regardless if DIY or alarm company installed.  Any system requiring constant verification prior to dispatch already has an inherent problem.
    The answer is to address and fix the problem rather than accept it as part of normal operation.
Having been in the industry for over forty years, I find the current alarm purchasing generation refuses to accept responsibility for anything as their parents once did.  It's not their fault they chose the cheapest alarm system or company, was poorly installed and failure on their part to take the reason required to operate it properly.
We give such customers to our competitors. Their company gets tied up with more administration work reducing their profit and a public relations problem to boot.
John W. Yusza, Jr
    The average professionally installed home alarm rarely trips.  Those of us in this industry have made that our goal.  The millions of DIY systems (the numbers grow every day), are going to create millions of signals that will flood police departments with false alarms.  Many of the “traditional professionally installed” super-regionals in this industry have already set-up DIY divisions, so DIY is here to stay, big time!  In spite of SIAC and others, the next logical step is for many police departments to say “the heck with this, let’s go to Verified Response”.  Even professionally monitored DIY (and that is a large number), will probably lack call lists needed to implement ECV, or other strategies to reduce false dispatch requests. 
                Just one man’s opinion, but I believe it’s in our industries best interest to learn to work with Verified Response, and not just dig in our heels.  If we don’t get out in front of this, we could get rolled.  I believe it was a SIAC statistic that said we’ll lose 20% of our accounts when Verified Response is adopted in our communities.