One of the folks here questioned how the various municipalities and policing agencies across the country will deal with the possible false alarm issues and perhaps installation issues that may develop as a result of the DIY systems as those numbers grow. Could there be licensing issues also?  I wonder how you, Scott Goldfine, the False Alarm Reduction Unit (FARU) that works on alarm ordinances across the country, and others see all of this.
       Those of us who have worked tirelessly in this industry for years have to deal with licensing issues all over this country and doing our best to reduce false alarms,  but the DIY’s get to basically say the customer installed it so therefore we have no responsibility.  
        Police depts. everywhere want solid installations and frequently want to know who is responsible for the calls for their response. How do good minds in this industry see this developing?  Will these folks have issues with these DIY or do they get to not have to comply with all the requirements the rest of us have to deal with on an ongoing basis,  or might the various cities, police depts. and others see it for the possible issues raised here.
       I prefer to remain
    DYI customers typically have alarm systems that are self monitored or professionally monitored.  Some have a hybred whereby the end user gets the signal first and then decides if a signal should be sent to the professional central station for dispatch.  
    When a DIY system is professionally monitored the central station will be faced with the same verification issues it has with professionally installed systems.  Alarm verification, whether it is by one or more telephone calls or video confirmation, reduces false alarms.  At least that's the theory.
    Unless a DIY alarm communicates with a central station I don't see how the alarm industry can be charged with another false alarm.  A self monitoring DIY end user may get a signal and decide to call the police.  I don't know that calls to 911 will count as a false alarm.  In most jurisdictions a self installed and self monitored alarm system is not going to be registered and will have no permit.  Whether and if police departments will keep statistics on this [maybe they already do] is above my pay grade.  
    A few things are clear.  DIY systems are going to dramatically increase premises that are alarmed.  These systems will add to the false alarm statistics.  
    Of course they will also provide security systems and security in a more affordable way to those unable or unwilling to pay for a professionally installed and monitored security and fire alarm system.