Divorce and collection issue
    We installed an alarm in Virginia for a couple that divorced. The wife moved out and the husband remains in the house with the system we installed. The wife was the one that signed our contract for monitoring.
    They owe us for a year’s monitoring. Not a huge deal. However, the new "lady of the house" called and left a message that they changed alarm companies two years ago so there is no need to pay. Typical. 
Our CS shows signals still coming from the house. More typical. The contract does say they are responsible for collection cost but the signer is no longer there. 
    I looked through your archives and didn't see an exact match for this situation. I was planning on sending the husband a certified letter as a courtesy to allow him to make things right without the added collection cost. I will send him a highlight copy of the back of the contract showing the terms but plan on letting him wait til the court date to see the front in hope that he'll do the right thing. I'm hoping that he sees that it's not worth his time. 
    Am I crazy or what.       
name withheld [that means I have the name but out of pity won't disclose it]
    Well, not sure why you think being crazy is mutually exclusive with "or what".  
    Sounds like you're about to go from a bad to worse place.  And interesting that you're willing to surprise your subscriber with the revelation that it's not worth his time.  When do you think you'll figure out it's not worth your time.  All because you didn't take the time to get both husband and wife to sign the contract, or take action the minute they fell behind in payment.  
    Your real risk is that you continued to monitor and you don't have a contract.  That subjects you to a lot of unnecessary risk, especially when you're not even getting paid.  So stop the monitoring; don't waste another 5 bucks on certified mail; if you can remotely access the keypad display "no monitoring", and then forget about this one.  
    Who do you recommend for general liability and errors and omissions insurance for an alarm company that monitors, installs, services, inspects and repairs fire detection, suppression, burglar alarm systems and medical alarms?
Thank you!
    Flavor of the month from some time is Security Amercian Risk Retention Group [www.securityamericarrg.com] and Zurich [General Agent is Peter and Brian Costanza  [www.CostanzaInsurance.com ]  Who I don't particularly like is First Mercury and Hartford.  Scottsdale is OK. 
You can check The Alarm Exchange for brokers in the industry.  They are all knowledgeable but do have their personal favorites for one or more reasons. 
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