Read and benefit from your email every day.  I respectfully disagree with the concept that the Disclaimer Notice is not applicable to commercial fire jobs “because there are no other options for the subscriber, the system is approved by the AHJ.”  Fire codes and AHJs define/determine a minimum level of protection or coverage that is acceptable.  The customer always has the option to go above and beyond the minimum required by code, and have additional coverage installed.
Ron Boltz
    Interesting observation.  But not entirely correct according to fire alarm expert Wayne Wahrsager of Commercial Fire and Security, located in New York.  According to Wayne some AHJs will allow additions to the filed and approved plans, usually requiring "as built" drawings when the system is completed, but other AHJs will require new plans and approval before allowing any changes to the filed and approved plans, and that would include voluntary additions.  
    The Disclaimer Notice is, however, useful even for fire alarm systems, and Ron you are therefore correct in that regard.  The Disclaimer Notice serves a number of purposes and augments the Standard All in One Agreements.  The Disclaimer Notice is a separate form, but not a contract, by which the subscriber acknowledges that the alarm company has offered additional equipment and services which the subscriber has declined, raised concerns about VoIP, disclaims responsibility for false alarms, fines and permit or other charges, and deals with take over situations, including whether inspection of the system was conducted, findings and whether the subscriber has authorized repairs.  Though much of these items are provided for in the All in One Agreement we are often met with claims that the subscriber didn't sign or understand the Agreement; the Disclaimer Notice will help refute that claim.  You will also find the Disclaimer Notice helpful with your sale presentation, encouraging the subscriber to add additional equipment and services once faced with having to sign off on refusing the additional security.  Priced at $175 this is the best value at www.alarmcontracts.com
    Regarding the alarm company in NC, sorry to hear that the plague of the customer drafted contract has moved up your way. We have been dealing with this for quite some time. We haven't had great success in persuading those customers that choose to use their own contracts. We have been forced to negotiate where possible, turn away when not. Some of these agreements that are sold to me as "boiler plate" include some pretty dangerous paragraphs! This started for us down here about 10 years ago. Fortunately many customers still sign and do not have an issue with me trying to protect myself. Those of us that have something to protect must be sticking together because I hear " none of you sprinkler or fire guys will sign this" more and more these days!
Good luck from FL