I’ve never run into this. My subscriber who was under a 5yr contract passed away a couple months ago and we just found out about it. She was a great client with no issues.  She was up for renewal in June and when I recently contacted he,  Her brother told me what happened. He is willing to pay for the monitoring for another year while they sort through her estate before they sell it.  Her brother is executor of her estate, and I will be letting him out of the 5 year contract after the additional year. (Feel really bad for their family)!
    Since the renewal will only be for (1) year, should I just keep him monitored under your old “All in One Contract” or do I need to change everything into his name and execute a New “All in One” Contract AND change all of the information at the Monitoring Company.
     Thank you for your time.
Craig Llewellyn
 Electrical Solutions LLC
Alexandria VA
    It is not necessary to execute a new contract with the Executor.  The Executor steps into the shoes of the deceased subscriber.  To be prudent you can ask the Executor to confirm that the Executor is going to perform the outstanding contract.  If modifications are requested then the Executor will have to sign off on those changes, as will you.  Even a new contract is going to be with the Executor in the Executor’s fiduciary capacity, not personally.  
    I'm glad to see there's been a fair amount of activity on DIY systems.  We've also seen this trend with the dealers we work with nationwide.   Marketing for DIY is completely different from that of the traditional company.  For example, many companies have been able to get away with word of mouth, but with DIY it will require a carefully planned and executed approach.  We have experience in marketing for DIY going back over 2 years.   We are preparing to launch a new marketing plan and approach for your audience on this forum; It will be called RMRhub with services starting at $99 per month as opposed to large amounts upfront.  We'll be launching with a Website solution and will be adding marketing services.  We look forward to working with alarm dealers interested in expanding into the DIY market.
David Morgan, Vice President Sales
Security Dealer Marketing
Vice President, Sales