November 25, 2014


I enjoy reading your valuable input on many issues. I am a tele-radiolgist.  I do not prescribe any controlled substance nor do any injections.Do i still need to keep DEA license for credentialing purpose?

Dr. T


Dr. T, that's a good question and one I do not know the answer to because it really falls outside of the legal scope, moreso into credentialing. I asked Barry Haitoff, CEO of Medical Management Corporation of America to opine and Barry graciously provided the below - 

In our experience of performing credentialing services for our revenue cycle management clients,  DEA License information is a standard request.  Based on specialty however, it is not a requirement for participation.  
We also posed this question to a national professional credentialing company who also stated:
"If a provider has no intention of prescribing medication than they do not need a DEA license.  For instance this radiologist (reading only) would not need a DEA in order to credential with a payer/facility/hospital.  
If a physician intends or his specialty demands that he/she prescribe medication in any form than the payer/facility/hospital would press to find out why they did not have one (suspended/revoked etc.).  There is no blanket requirement for a DEA license UNLESS THE PROVIDER INTENDS TO PRESCRIBE.  In that instance where there is a physician licensing or credentialing with a specialty typical of prescribing meds but won't be prescribing, the payer/facility/hospital will want to know in writing #1. Can someone prescribe on his behalf #2. They will prescribe no drugs under any circumstance within their practice."

Should the doctor have any further questions, I can be reached at the below.  Happy to help.  

Barry Haitoff | CEO
Medical Management Corporation of America
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