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October 13, 2015
    It is always interesting to read posts that are signed by “anonymous” commenters.   Not surprisingly, such anonymous posts typically contain inflammatory comments or inaccuracies.  Such are the posts of October 1st and Oct 5th concerning the ASAP-to-PSAP program.
    ASAP-to-PSAP is a program created cooperatively between CSAA and APCO.  APCO is the association that supports PSAPs, the 911 centers.  ASAP-to-PSAP is a classic Public-Private partnership that provides significant benefit to PSAPs as well as monitoring centers. In fact, the protocol used to define the data transfer is an ANSI standard developed cooperatively by CSAA and APCO.        
    In addition to APCO, the ASAP-to-PSAP program has the support of The International Association of Chiefs of Police, The National Sheriffs Association and The International Association of Fire Chiefs.  
    This is the 21st century.  Transferring information through a data interface versus a voice phone call simply makes sense.  As a technologist, I find it astounding that one anonymous poster calls the program “a bunch of crap.”   That poster is of course, able to continue to call PSAPs using voice telephony.  The decision to continue to use literally century old technology is the posters own business decision to make.
    The use of ASAP-to-PSAP will significantly increase in 2016.  National companies are connecting, which drives benefit for a large cross-section of PSAPs.  That in turn drives program availability for the smaller monitoring centers.   The end result of the growing adoption is increased accuracy, reliability and cost savings for all stakeholders.   The associations have gone to great lengths to make the program affordable to PSAPs and monitoring centers of all sizes.
    As the Executive Director of The Central Station Alarm Association, I welcome the opportunity to speak to anyone concerning the program, including the anonymous posters.  Please feel free to contact me at CSAA headquarters at 703 242 4670, Extension 13.   My email address is jhauhn@csaaintl.org.    There is considerable information on our website at http://csaaintl.org/asap/.          
Jay Hauhn, Executive Director
Central Station Alarm Association

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