Have you considered creating completion certificates for audio/video and one for CCTV?
Tony Collums, President
The Alarm Company, Inc
    I checked our Standard Form Completion Certificate and it's really adaptable for generic equipment and systems.  Though it may reference Security System the only change you'd have to make to cover audio/video or CCTV, or anything else.  The purpose of the Completion Certificate is for the subscriber to confirm that the equipment was working after the installation or repair.  Keep in mind this is not a substitute for a Service Contract or The All in One which covers the installation, service and everything else you likely provide to the subscriber.
    If you want the Completion Certificate prepared generic instead of referring to alarm or security equipment just let us know when you order it. Also keep in mind that this standard form is $40.  We'll send it to you in WORD so you can revise it.
    Do you need a separate Service Contract?
    Let's start with whether you need a Service Contract.  The answer is definitely.  Everything you do for the subscriber should be pursuant to contract, a contract that has the protective provisions that must be in every properly drafted alarm - security - fire agreement.  If your agreement only covers installation, or monitoring, and you do a service call, you have no contractual protection.  No contract covering your service will make all the difference if there is a loss and subsequent lawsuit.
    You should be using the Standard All in One Agreement.  It covers the sale, installation, monitoring, inspection and service, and more.  The easy check box format separately itemizes the services and pricing.  Service feature has option for "per call" or RMR service plan including parts and labor.  Only ordinary wear and tear is covered and there are plenty of exceptions to coverage.
    Dont make the mistake of providing any security services without a proper contract.  If you haven't purchased our Standard All in One form since 2014 you need to update now.  If you have a copyright after 2014 you should be thinking about updating because there have been changes to the forms necessitated by change of laws, technology or great suggestions from our clients.  There are also new All in One forms that were not available in 2014.  These presently include the Home Automation and Integration Agreement and the new Mobile Surveillance Unit Agreement.
    For assistance or to phone in your order call our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 or go on line and order here:  www.alarmcontracts.com