We have a legal questions regarding usage of video footage from our surveillance cameras placed on public domain, streets and roads.  Can footage containing faces and license plates be in use on our websites/ commercial campaigns etc.?  Or should we have the participants sign an agreement?
    Moreover, in the event a crime was to take place are we allowed to post this video clip for demonstration of the surveillance camera's capabilities?
    Video data should not be used for your commercial purposes without getting the consent of the person depicted in the video or print.  Putting someone else's picture on your website [or copying a picture you find on someone else's website] is a good way to get sued for violation of civil rights.  You need to get consent in writing first.
    I would like to comment on the ‘Cell v.s. VOIP discussion’ from the article on April 14, 2016. 
    My company, Jade Alarm Co., was one of the 2-Beta sites chosen by Detection Systems (now Bosch) to implement VOIP alarm monitoring with the D6600 receiver.  Decades ago it was not reliable and it still is not – FOR ALARM MONITORING SERVICE.   We DO use it for up/down loading of our customer equipment….as long as the internet is up and not down as was constantly the case with google fiber at our facility.
    In 1983 we got into the radio end of the business after the constant price increases and poor service by our local BELL phone company on our Morse SPC5000 polling computer.  Last week we just finished the upgrade to our KP Electronics radio alarm network and most glad we did!  It is extremely fast and reliable AND I DON’T WORRY ABOUT:
A)      Paying the cell phone company THOUSANDS of dollars each month.
B)      The ability to easily disable someone’s alarm via a cell jammer. *go to www.alarmcontrol24.ie to see the video out of Ireland to get a taste of what is already here in the good ol’ USA and coming to a city YOU live in!
C)      The cell network backing up the signals and it taking a very, very long time for multiple signals to get through.
    *If you want to contact KP – 888-542-7460, GREAT folks to work with!!!
Joseph (Joe) Pfefer, President
Jade Alarm Co
    The articles on VoIP really focused on alarm companies selling the phone equipment and VoIP service, through MongoTel, as a way to increase sales and increase RMR.  The RMR opportunity was in the continuing VoIP service.  Others, like Joe, need to determine and comment on the effectiveness of VoIP as opposed to any other form of communication.  I think I did opine that we know POTS is on the way out and other forms of communication need to be explored.  Radio does offer RMR opportunity when you own or sign on to the private networks.  I don't know that Verizon or Comcast or Cablevision or Sprint or other cellular services offer the alarm industry the opportunity to sell more RMR under contract.