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    In response to Mark from ABE security in Allentown re: camera pool area shots-here is my take.
    The fact that the installer has been told that nude pool use may take place is enough for me NOT to agree to put up cameras that might capture these images.  You can use all the kill switches you want and the owner of the pool can say 'No Worries' but when Heidi from down the street comes over for a swim, has a few drinks and disrobes and you've provided cameras that permanently captures Heidi in the 'raw'.  Then someone has got some explaining to do when Heidi sobers up. 
    Kill switch or not the owner might say that he wasn't home at the time or forgot to engage the switch (since he also had a few too many) and his 16 year old son puts images of nude Heidi out over the internet. At that point everyone will be named in a suit and since you are the professional installer and were informed about this potential BEFORE the install the judge could very well turn to you with the 1st question "What Were You Thinking-Mr. Installer?"   I'm sure your insurance co. may very well ask the same question!
Ben Tyler
Security Associates
Monitoring smoke detectors with a built-in relay from July 23, 2015
   In response to monitoring smoke detectors with a built-in relay, BE CAREFUL.  Although most of the manufacturers sell smokes with relays or relay modules, to date I have only found one that is listed for use with a monitored system.  The others clearly state they are not listed for this purpose. I have no stock in the company and welcome more to follow, but Entex is the only one I’ve found so far for 110volt units.
Ray Y
    The gentlemen who wrote "...manufacturers that provide interconnected single station smoke alarms also sell a model that has a relay output. Just change out the one closest to the panel with the one that has an aux relay and wire that into the alarm system", must not realize that NEC does not allow a low voltage system (burg /fire panel) to be interconnected with high voltage wiring (110 smokes); that is illegal and is setting his company up for a potential lawsuit if something tragic was to happen .
    Don't cut corners, protect the customer's life and property with a system that meets all codes !!
Best regards,
Bruce Riel
Security Sales Consultant 
Manchester , N H 

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We will be presenting a series of 4 webinars [only one left].  These interactive webinars will be presented live and there will be time alloted to questions and answers.  Noted alarm/security/fire expert Jeffrey Zwirn will present these webinars.  There is no charge for the webinars and I suggest you register as soon as we post the dates.  Might be good time to pick up Jeff's comprehensive Alarm Science Manual: click here to get the book All webinars will be from 12 noon to 1 PM EST.


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