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Comments on SimpliSafe ad and other funny ads / Free gift
December 18,  2019
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Comments on SimpliSafe ad and other funny ads from December 12, 2019 article
            The Security Industry lost a large portion of its professionalism when it decided to compete (?) with free systems.
            Thinking any loses would be made up with monitoring is a highway paved with potholes.  The public now expects all residential systems if not free, are being installed by unscrupulous providers.  Many of today's installers lack any technical ability,  their employers don't want to spend the time and money to train.
            The old joke still timely to this date ...."We're losing money on every job but, expect to make it up in volume".
 John W. Yusza, Jr., President
Monitor Controls, Inc
Wallingford, CT 

            To Mark Re: Simple Safe Ad
            Dear Mark
            I can tell how upset and appalled you are by the advertising methods of Simple Safe Co. It is disheartening and disappointing to see someone besmirch the trade we all love so much. I sense your pain. However, since you are obviously at the deepest depth of your  emotions and likely cannot possibly sink any lower, I think this is best time to tell you   ------that Santa Claus is not real.
            Mark, this is the world we live in. Get used to it and prepare for worse.
Reliable Alarm

            I just saw those ads because a customer recently told me we should run similar ads because they are funny.
I thought they were funny too, but that's because I'm weird.
Incidentally, we're filming some commercials next week and they will have a funny tone.
Jim Long, V. P. Operations
Security Service Company
            another observation of SimpliSafe
            Thanks Mark Matlock for highlighting SimpliSafe questionable messages (Dec 12 2019 Newsletter).  Many of us are thinking related questions of this highly visible “disruptor”.  Already several million RMR customers and growing fast.  Some of us believe their leadership/investors are planning their exit via an IPO/ Initial Public Offering.  However their “disruptive” business model and marketing messages can also backfire at time of critical SEC disclosures.  For example;
~ does not operate their own monitoring facilities… they outsource to traditional third-party firms with all the traditional baggage.
~ most monitored customers are outsourced to third-party Lydia/COPS.
~ state and local licensing generally is not SimpliSafe… license holder is often the monitoring firm.
~ most customers do not qualify for on-demand police response because most are not remote-witness technology at alarm site.
~ customers with cameras do not automatically qualify for VR-Verified Response… only if remote-witness of a threat.
~ SimpliSafe representation and customer expectations of… “3.5 X”… faster cops could be very hard to justify beyond “puffery” and deception.
~ (many more disclaimers that could disrupt an IPO)
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
Speaking about funny industry commercials here’s a classic great one! Think you all will have a good laugh on this one!!
Security One
     Regarding the SimpliSafe commercial –
            I’ve always looked at advertising as an extension of the company that’s promoting their wares (or services).  If the advert is stupid, you’re dealing with stupid.
            If it’s a political ad and the advertisement is mean spirited and dragging their opponent through the mud, the politician’s true colors are showing.
If they’re telling you to have a happy period, they’re delusional.  (I’ve been married for 35 years.  Trust me, I’ve never seen my wife dancing for joy when that time comes).
            The bottom line – if you don’t like it, don’t buy it.  But getting your panties in a twist over a TV commercial is just silly.
  Thank you,
Dan Zeloof

            SimpliSafe simply is not up to Geico in their add message. Also ,what alarm companies are they up to !!  Not the ones that read this newsletter anyway
Jim Wooster Sr
Alarm Financial Services 

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