With 22 years of experience as an alarm company broker, plus experience as the owner of a large regional alarm business, I’ve gleaned an immense amount of knowledge and insight about both sides of alarm company sales. I’ve found that alarm sales go most smoothly for sellers when the entities involved stick to their respective specialties. While brokers, lawyers, and central stations will all likely be involved in the transaction in some way or another, for the benefit of the seller it is best if each party respects the others and focuses on serving the client’s best interests.
    Experienced alarm company brokers are well versed in helping sellers find high quality buyers who will pay top dollar for their companies and for seeking out the best terms and conditions for a sale. They know what to look for and where to look for it, and they have the best interests of the seller in mind every step of the way. While central stations may be able to provide leads on interested buyers currently doing business with them, they do not have experience brokering transactions and, in many cases, may be looking to prevent the loss of accounts rather than to obtain the best deal for the seller. This conflict of interest can make selling an alarm business through a central station tricky. 
    The case for selling to a buyer using the same central station may seem somewhat compelling given the fact that changing central stations can complicate a transaction and potentially impact profitability. However, this is not something that sellers necessarily need to worry about. A skilled and experienced broker - attorney team can make sure that any central station-related cancellations are not subject to holdbacks and are not the responsibility of the seller. This clause can go right in the agreement so the seller will not be penalized should a central station change occur as the result of the transaction.   
    Alarm company brokers, lawyers and central stations are all very good at what they do. The key to a successful alarm company sale is ensuring that each party stays true to their role in the process and to the best interests of the seller.
    For those looking to sell their alarm businesses now or in the future, I encourage you to visit our website, www.afssmartfunding.com. There you’ll find our free ebook, To Sell or Not To Sell, which provides insight on how best to go about selling your alarm business. You can also check out the news section of our site, which includes numerous articles that will help you determine if, when and how to sell your alarm company for maximum profit, or contact me personally at (518) 366-5111 any time with questions related to selling an alarm business. 
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    I can attest to UCC and Mark Matlock, they helped me with a purchase a year ago and has turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to our company!  They spent a good amount of time analyzing the company that I purchased data and what I should be paying for that company!
Best regards,
Mark Fleeger
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    Just so you know, all of us at DMAG appreciate you and your behind the scenes employees.  You really are providing a very needed service for our industry.  Thank you.
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Ken ,
    It doesn’t matter who buys your accounts . What matters greatly is how the transaction/transition is handled . Are the recently purchased accounts just folded into a larger client base and forgotten about ? Is the Buyer sending these newly acquired letters that state “ You are now ours”?, Or are the newly acquired customers handled with the utmost of care .I sold my company  of over 2,200 customers and had  lost the  normal of 30 customers  by the end of the first year .I welcome any dealer to call me  for details / Oh for the record , I did use one of the best industry brokers .
Joe Sacchetti
Formally  Scott Alarm Systems
    All good comments.  If you need legal representation on your buy or sell, contact me or head of our alarm transactional team, Jennifer Kirschenbaum,Esq at: 

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    One point I want to emphasize is that buying or selling alarm accounts is not a DIY project.  I don't care how many companies you've sold or bought, you need a lawyer, will benefit by involving a broker and will find your central station helpful.  If you do decide to DIY it or use a lawyer not expert in the alarm industry then my firm's litigation department looks forward to hearing from you after the transaction.  Keep that number handy.