The recall was from Edwards.  We use DMP and Edwards manufacturers for them. DMP notified anyone that bought effected product as soon as the recall was released to give dealers enough time to notify customers and get scheduled.  When you hAve multiple smokes in a building you can swap them out in a few mins.  The 30 bucks was only bad if you had a small number of smokes.  
Matthew wain
Wain Security
    I seem to remember getting a recall notice from ADI on Interlogix ESL Smoke detectors, I do not remember if it's the same ESL Series, because it's been a couple years ago. What I do remember is looking at the recall letter and thinking; “How nice it would have been to have had our CRM (Client Relationship Management) software when I was active in the security business.  Because, I had no idea what customers were using that particular smoke detector.”
    We have a spot in our CRM to keep track of any additional notes by zone; wireless serial numbers, equipment used model numbers etc. Our software has the ability to search these fields therefore, giving our users a list of subscribers that have a match.  And because our application is web-based the technician can easily update this information when he's installing or replacing the unit equipment. We also have a separate area to keep track of camera equipment, for example equipment IP & MAC addresses, equipment locations etc.
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    I saw a recall notice posted at my distributor. With al;l the consolidation in the security industry some overlap may occur.  The detector mentioned here was acquired by GE fro Electro Service Labs and then transferred to Mineralogist.  Manufacture date is the most critical part of the recall notice for liability I would think.  Was the unit manufactured prior to company acquisition?
From the fog
Joel Kent 
    This is the first we have learned of this recall, but it sounds familiar. Years ago a substandard components was used in manufacturing  the #60-362 door window transmitter. To be exact, they called it a grey cap capacitor.
    When the error was finally acknowledged, the offer was to replace the transmitter plus a credit of $20.00,  to offset the cost of dealers sending technicians out to replace the transmitters.
The end result was empty promises and smoke blowing. We replaced the transmitters, returned the defective units and after  hearing the silent reply for a while, just went back to work.
Sound familiar??
Brien Welwood
Alliance Security
Cambridge Ontario
Ken - 
    It is, and always has been, my policy to only provide the client with information regarding their alarm. All information provided to client, claims of coverage and equipment provided, I list on a contract, a contract that is signed by both company and client. Insurance companies are outraged at my policy and have expected me to not only send them an open ended insurance certificate, that doesn't disclose what coverage client has in place, but they also expect me to immediately and directly send  the info to them. Most often I don't even know who they are, or if my client has even authorized me sending info to them. 
    My police is to, (A) Provide all client's with 2 copies of their contract, one for them and one for their insurer. (B) We do not provide anyone, other than the client, with any client information. My client is to receive all information and my client then can release their information to those they see fit to receive it. 
    The following is an example of an exchange between an insurer and myself.  
Dear Roger
    We have the homeowner insurance for John Doe.  His company is requiring an alarm certificate providing the following to continue the renewal on his policy:
Central station alarm certificate containing the alarm company name, phone number, type of alarm, systems being monitored and dated within the past 12 months.  
I have provided your Alarm Installation/Monitoring Agreement to them;  however the company will not accept this.  Are you able to provide me with an alarm certificate or something on company letterhead containing the above requirements?
The Insurance Broker
My Response, 
Dear Broker
    Please understand that if the insurer was needing information, to insure the client had a valid alarm, what type of monitoring they purchased, what type of response they can expect to receive, what liability the alarm company shall provide, is the alarm provider a legally licensed contractor, and what type of service can their client expect to receive. The alarm monitoring agreement discloses all this very relevant information. We feel that the insurer is requesting a blank check to use at a later date, to bring forth into litigation if the client suffers a major loss, such as to include, but not limited to, FIRE, FLOOD, or MAJOR LOSS DURING A BURGLARY. An Alarm Certificate does NOT provide any of this relevant information. 
    If the insurer doesn't accept our contracts, then I would like written notice, from the insurer, what they find to be unacceptable? Our contracts are intended to describe our liability, what the customer has purchased, and what service they have purchased. If the insurer feels our contracts are invalid, or do not provide specific coverage they wish their client to purchase, then I would need specifics.
     My contracts have all information you have listed. If the insurance company wishes to have client sign a new contract, the client is welcome to call me and we can arrange that. Tucson Alarm Company refuses to become the insurer, our contracts disclose to the current insurer that we are not an insurer. 
    There are liabilities in securing property. I refuse to provide the insurer a blank check, not describing what my client has purchased, or what I and/or my client shall be liable for. Providing a copy of the contract protects both my client and me from possible law suits brought forth by the insurer. Our contracts contain: 1. Our ROC License #s, 2. Alarm Company Name, 3. Alarm Company Phone #, type of alarm system, and system is being monitored. Our contracts renew each year, unless cancelled in writing 30 days prior to the end of the year. If this isn't sufficient, then we can arrange to get new contracts signed by the client and they will have a new copy. 
 Thank You, 
    The alarm company response was not sufficient for this carrier because here is the last exchange from the broker:
Good afternoon,
    Per our telephone conversation, below is the response from the insured company stating they will not accept the alarm monitoring agreement for Mr. Doe.  While I understand the information they are requesting is on the agreement; they will not budge on accepting it because it is not their policy.  Please let me know if there is anything additional you can provide for him.  
Thank you