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comments on is guard service smart move for alarm company / combo burg and fire install / Contract Sale Ends Today
April 12, 2019
I want to thank all the wonderful people I've met so far at ISC,  I'm having a memorable time.  So a little more give back for those I've met with, all of whom read these emails daily.

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comments on is guard service smart move for alarm company
    re K&K Newsletter of 4.8.19… Is guard service smart move for alarm company?
    Nobody asked for an overview of history, but my perspective is provided here.
    Remembering that the “private security industry” is a global business. In most parts of the globe, private guards, patrol and alarm site response is by private sources. During this last decade throughout North America, many police departments and alarm companies have had lots of conflicting interaction related to alarm site response. North American examples: Seattle (SR-Subsidy Recovery); Fontana CA (SR and VR); Los Angeles, Las Vegas and most big cities, slow or no response (B&F-Broadcast & File); Toronto and most Canadian cities (VR); and dozens more. Plus Statewide legislation like GA,FL,TN banning calls from private monitoring firms until sloppy interaction with customer. Although the entire industry is still highly fragmented, including the newest DIY and MIY, and no two customer systems are the same, most customer alarm systems can still be grouped into two broad categories, “defensive systems” aka “remote site witness”, and “deterrent systems” aka without any remote site witness. Note that cops always respond high priority to calls that witness a 911 type event.
    A few traditional alarm industry leaders, local and regional, have already experienced much success, and failure, with private patrol, on-site officers and alarm site response. Some of these industry leaders include Select Security -New Mexico; First Response-iWatch, OR and WA; Bay Alarm- California; Desert Alarm, Coachella Valley CA; Safeguard- Arizona; (and many more). As Ken pointed out, these firms are in the private security business, not just the alarm business. Generally their RMR and ROI will increase, with less attrition, thus greater overall market value. However, these business models are not for everyone….every security business and their local market conditions are not alike. 
    The learning curve can be costly and disruptive. Hypothetical example: City Xyz had a big false alarm problem…. 3,000 monthly calls for police response to the site of private alarm customers, with 98% false/unnecessary… police responded to about 2900 alarm sites which generated lots of expensive customer fines/fees.  City Xyz adopted strict VR-Verified Response. What to do ??? 
    (Plan A) Looks like a big receptive market for private guards, patrol, and alarm site response, as substitute for local police.
    (Plan B) Looks like big receptive market to upgrade and modernize several thousand “deterrent” systems to remote witnessed “defensive” systems that qualify for higher priority local police response under rules of VR.
    (Plan C) Variations of Plan A & B to meet variations of local needs.
    Plan A: Can be either a short term or long term fix. But Plan A continues the problem of “unnecessary response” caused by “deterrent technology”, but now at the expense of alarm providers and customers. Industry professionals quickly determine that private response is a much smaller business opportunity when privatized, because most calls for site response is truly unnecessary and costly, thus not delivered. Higher attrition can be projected. However in select markets private response is important to fulfill the customer expectations and other concierge services.
    Plan B: Remote witness, can solve local problems with “unnecessary response”. It modernizes the customer site for long term; mitigates deceptive business practices; removes customer false alarm fees; improves partnership with law enforcement for on-demand high priority; higher long term RMR with less attrition; and more.
    Plan C: Do nothing, until talk with Kirschenbaum. This fragmented industry could mean many variations of Plan A & B to meet variations of local needs.
… just some observations from 
Lee Jones
Support Services Group
    Interesting topic. So many good points and bad points to bring up. The good is value added services that go beyond the electronic Alarm and surveillance. Guards are there to observe and report. In the case of the hospital entrances they can spot a possible source of trouble and request assistance before there is an incident. That is if the security guard is trained and motivated to do so. If he or she is merely a body posted onsite as window dressing then that is useless in terms of actual security. Fire watches. The fire alarm needs to be totally overhauled. It will be down for 5 to 7 days. A standing guard that makes the rounds every hour is valuable provided they stay awake at night and do the rounds. No gun, tazer, baton or pepper spray required. But after that watch is done then where does the employee get posted? Which leads into the next question. What level of security guard do you want to provide? Armed or non-armed? Or a range of everything in between? What is the typical turnover rate of employees as security guards? From what I have seen it is about 2 years.
    Are the guards just there until a better job comes along? Are they getting minimum wage and see it as a dead end job?
    My advice is to thoroughly, and I do mean thoroughly investigate all of the aspects of the guard business. Hopefully There will be other responses here that will bring up areas and points I have not, not all good & not all bad.
Rick Goebel
Secure Protection
Ken –
    Response to guard services…
    Guard services, from an insuring perspective, are a much different exposure. Guards, particularly armed guards, are a much higher risk and generally are insured under their own programs.     On the Security America program, we can write unarmed guard services, but only up to a certain percentage of your total business. If you are outside of the parameters of the program – either by the amount or because you are offering armed guard services – we can assist in finding the appropriate program for your business. If you choose to offer guard services (armed or unarmed) as a part of your business, you must notify your insurance agent immediately – do not wait until renewal. In fact, you are better to discuss it in advance of making that decision. Be prepared for your insurance company to ask a lot of questions.       You will more than likely have to seek coverage for those services under a different policy. If you are thinking about adding these services – reach out to us at Security America.
Best Regards,
Crystal Jacobs, RPLU
Security America Risk Purchasing Group
(866) 315-3838
combo burg and fire install
    When installing a combination commercial burg/fire panel, is the Commercial all-in-one sufficient or should we have both the commercial fire and commercial all in one signed?
    I may be expanding the question a bit, but I will assume that you are also installing a fire alarm system and an intrusion system. The best answer is use two contracts, the Fire All in One and the Commercial All in One. On the Commercial All in One you will indicate that the intrusion system will use the fire panel. If you don't have both contracts, use the Fire All in One and describe the intrusion system in a rider [and get the proper contract]

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