With regard to using someone else's license..........
    In the states I am familiar with, the individual is the license holder.  This means the person holding the license has passed a state proficiency test indicating knowledge of the subject matter.  Lack of a license can, in many cases, mean a lack of technical competence by the individual to obtain one.  They could also be a hit and run company who will be out of business in your state in a short time leaving a trail of violations.
    Allowing someone to "use" your license under any condition is business suicide.  Worse if you "sell" the use of your license.  Consider if you "sold" your driver's license to someone and they got into an accident.  Should they screw up and someone get's injured or worse it will be your head on the block along with the offending contractor.  I don't know of any insurance company that would back you for willful illegal and negligent work.
J Yusza Jr 
Monitor Controls Inc
    In my skewed way of thinking, those companies that bestow a title as officer or manager on an employee to "carry the license" for the company are at risk of being held hostage by the employee.
    If (in CT at least) an employee were the "CONTRACTOR" holding the license and suddenly decided to leave the company, that company can no longer enter into contracts without being a CONTRACTOR. (The contractors license number is required to be on all contracts, proposals, advertisements paperwork and vehicles.)
    Without a CONTRACTOR's license you are prohibited from offering your services for sale.   
    The employee should also realize that the "company" should supply the employee with proper E/O and liability insurance because that contractor is now responsible for the work of the people under their supervision.
    I'll stick to installation and service and recommend you for the practice of law....
    From inside the bubble
    Both of you make good points.  However, we have structured the relationship between license holder and company in a way we believe

  • the licensing agency should be satisfied
  • the license holder is protected
  • the company is protected

    I've opined that it is essential that the license holder and company have a written agreement.  Our Qualifier Agreement covers the issues required by the license agency and the protection needed by the Qualifier and company.  
    The relationship is not the same as allowing someone to use your driver's license.  As the company qualifier the license holder is required to perform all licensed activities.  What those license activities are differ state to state.  But those of you wondering how this "deal" between company and license holder works need to understand that since most companies looking for a license holder are limiting their alarm activity to providing monitoring for DYI installed equipment, there is little for the license holder to do.  
    A license holder may be retired, qualifying for his own company or already qualifying for another company.  If the license holder has the time to devote to one or more companies, perform all the services that are required of a license holder, then there is no reason the license holder can't earn the income for qualifying.      If you want to offer your license or you are a company in need of a license contact our Contract Administrator Eileen Wagda at 516 747 6700 x 312 and she can see if we can make a match.  Any relationship we introduce will be reduced to a written Qualifier Agreement, paid for by the company.