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comments on DIY and Honeywell / portable cameras
October 17, 2018
comment on DIY
    When I first read about companies like Honeywell engaged in the sale of DIY home security, I must admit I did feel a bit betrayed. But as we all know, it is becoming the way of the world.      Gene from Reliable Alarm is exactly correct. But here is my take on this: Almost every municipality that I work in has a false alarm ordinance. I don't know anyone in the trade who doesn't carry an assortment of different size and shape magnets, because not every door and window frame is the same. So buy your DIY panel and do your best to attach a magnet to the door or window frame. 
    ​ And let the false alarms begin. After about a half dozen or so false alarms, it would have been cheaper to have the system professionally installed and programmed. 
Some would suggest "self-monitoring" their systems. That's great if you are only monitoring for burglary. But what if you are in a poor cell reception area and a fire starts in the house? The Life Safety aspects of this for the sake of saving a few dollars is mind blowing. 
    And there is one more piece to this puzzle. Generation Z. These kids can barely tie their own shoes. Yet they come out of college and expect to be hired as the CEO of a company. They have zero common sense, and zero aptitude when it comes to tools and following instruction manuals. I don't think we are in danger of going out of business any time soon. 
  All the best,
John from New Jersey 
    As Honeywell spins off Risideo they are beginning to sell things directly to end users and even offering paid monthly services directly to the end user. They look at the "Pro channel" as a different target demographic than someone willing/wanting a "DIY" solution and are saying that their retail offerings are aimed at the DIY person that would never want a "Pro channel" solution.
    We feel this will quickly become a hot button topic in the industry and depending on what device Tom in Jacksonville saw being sold through Wal Mart, I'd like to have a conversation with my Honeywell contacts about it.
    I don't think your conclusion that his noticing of a Honeywell item sold in Wal Mart is necessarily the same thing as the topics you linked detailing how plenty of online websites are now offering products typically only sold through alarm companies.
portable cameras
    I have a customer (a school) who wants us to set up a portable camera system that they can take to different location where they have school activities so that the school administrators can monitor activity remotely. An example, which is the first use, is a Fall Formal Dance being held at a conference center. They would like to be able to take the cameras, set them up in the conference center and have live remote viewing of the event for administration. I am not sure whether this is legal and if I need any additional contract to limit my responsibility. This is in Pennsylvania.
Thank you
    It's not illegal. The proper contract is the Commercial All in One. That contract, like the other Standard Form Agreements that covers cameras, reminds the subscriber that it is the subscriber's responsibility to use the cameras lawfully. It's not your place to tell the subscriber what is or is not lawful, other than a few obvious issues.

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