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comments on buying Honeywell on Amazon and Ebay
July 5, 2018
comments on buying Honeywell on Amazon and Ebay from June 27, 2018 article
            Yes you can get the same equipment on Amazon that you get from an alarm supplier and pay less.  I do it all the time.  Last year I bought 3 alpha keypads on Amazon at an insane price.  They arrived and the shipping label said from ADI Austell Ga., I was surprised.  Apparently they were dropped shipped.  So now if I can wait a couple of days I order them on line.
Michael D
            Regarding the below topic:  buying Honeywell components cheap on Amazon or Ebay
            I actually went to my Honeywell rep with this.  He said they are buying a massive amount of those security "kits".  Then they part them out and sell each item individually.  Honeywell says they can't do anything about that.   People also do that with dewalt battery tool kits.  
Doug F
            In reply to CK regarding buying Honeywell components cheap on Amazon or Ebay 
            Come-on CK, you're a 40 year old very naïve man. 
            If you think that manufacturers and distributors are "loyal" to alarm installers and are not going to sell their products to anyone who will buy them, you probably don't deserve to be in business. 
            It's called Capitalism.  
            The people you buy from on line either buy in sufficient quantity to get price breaks that you could never get and/or their overhead is low. There are also auctions when companies go out of business and I'm sure dozens of other reasons that someone can obtain and offer equipment at lower prices than you pay by buying onesey twosey at your local distributor.
            However much money you can save on the purchase of a few on line purchases is not going to make that much difference in the final price of a job. …. so it just comes down to ….. are you willing to take the risk of no warranty or other services that a distributor or manufacturer can provide you?
            If yes …….. buyer beware. 
            If not, don't complain. It will do no good. 
Reliable Alarm
            Re: buying Honeywell components cheap on Amazon or Ebay 
            It's very true.  Amazon, eBay.. Brothers), too. These are companies buying "alarm kits" in bulk, directly from Honeywell or ADI, then breaking them up and parting them out. It's not a bad business idea but it's really diluting the industry for the guys out there hustling to make a living. They are selling most items online, to the public, much cheaper than we can fight to pay from our suppliers.
            Maybe it's one of those "why didn't I think of that" ideas
Dan N
            I have a theory on what and how equipment shows up cheap on EBAY for some Honeywell products cheaper than through normal distribution channels. When Honeywell has a sale on an alarm PACKAGE including all devices etc, these packages might be purchased legally by dealers who can afford to warehouse and break up the packages into individual components and sell on auction sites for 20-25% less than dealer net.
            Sometimes the equipment may be out of warranty, (Based on the Honeywell date stamp on the circuit boards).  Another thought is that in some cases, equipment legitimately sold to offshore companies for EXPORT ONLY can work their way into the mainland US through GREY MARKET channels.  (Although with the new tariff regulations, this may change soon).  Generally the savings are not enough to warrant purchasing unless you know the warranty will be honored.  Nothing can be worse than to sell a complete system and have a SYSTEM FAILURE that is NOT covered by Honeywell’s warranty provisions.
            Just my thoughts on the latter
Like everything else.,
Joel Kent
            I have found Amazon to be much more cost effective than your normal supplier. When I questioned this at my normal supplier, this is its response.
            "Other companies buy from them when on sale Honeywell Kits, in extremely large quantities.  Break the kit apart and sell the original new material on Amazon."
            I have found sometimes it’s a newer date code than on the shelf. As an example, a Honeywell key fob on amazon can be purchased for less than $ 16.00.  The internet is changing everything especially when your customer can purchase the equipment for less than you can……….
George Martin
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