For the guy pissed at the AHJ, I would go after him in multilple avenues.  Here in NJ, I would write letters of complaint to the Div. of Fire Safety, and the Division of Consumer Affairs.  Generally speaking, I don't like to mess with AHJ's, for two reasons.  If he over steps his authority and you call him to task via a letter to the local town council, you may win the battle, but will certainly lose the war.  You can bet that going forward he will go over every job you do with a fine toothed comb.  The second reason, is that the AHJ's go to meetings and they all talk.  If you get a reputation of being a whiner, they will look to give you a hard time.  I say this from experience, not fear.
    All this being said, if the AHJ is already looking to diminish your livelihood and is working as an agent for another central station, how much worse can it be?  I think that if you are diligent and follow the fire codes, it will become obvious pretty quickly if this guy is singling out your work.  That is why I would opt to complain to the state agencies rather than just the local government.  I guess just like any other profession, I have known some really great AHJs, that look to help the homeowner and alarm installation company put together a fire system that will protect life and property.  But sadly, I have come across a few that were almost as corrupt as Hillary Clinton.
    As always,
John from NJ
    Hey KM; I think the first thing you should do is get a new monitoring company if the don't insure you.
    When this comes up, and it does , we ask our subscriber or potential subscriber - Do you really want one entity doing the monitoring , dispatching and responding ? Where is the accountability ?  you can also play the U L FM card . I am on board with your response too.
James T Wooster 
Jim Wooster Sr , AFS Inc . 
    On the Terrorism coverage I called my local insurance agent to inquire about it and how it would or would not apply to me. I was told that a basic scenario could be if someone disabled a system (security or fire) in order to create a fire, explosion or other catastrophe that would affect a number of people in a negative way and that my company might get sewed for that incident (because of the disable system) that was caused by a terrorist or terrorist group. I will let your minds create the rest of the story on damages that could happen. The amount of this coverage varies but costs about $125.00 for a 3 million policy with a 2 million umbrella provision with no previous claims ever filed (clean record). Hope this helps and thanks for all you do to help us out in this industry.  
Cincinnati, Ohio 
    I don't know if this is true or not but somewhere I read that under the patriot and/or homeland security acts, any misdemeanor can be deemed an act of terror (likely at the discretion of the federal government). Bob/command Corporation.
Robert Bazyk
    An act of terror needs to be declared as such by an AHJ - which means Homeland Security or some other governmental figure]
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