Comment Supporting Det. Robinson / Complimenting Zwirn
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October 14, 2015
    I have to jump in here because I can't believe the comments that some of your readers are making.
    Regardless of Det Robinson's affiliation, he has become an expert in alarm systems.   First, Let's see if he goes to court or joe blow installer goes to court, who a jury will believe?
    Second, and there's no nice way to say it, but if John from NJ  pisses off law enforcement, they will start to create and then ENFORCE ordinances where ever alarm system will require blueprints IN ADVANCE to make certain the systems comply with the manufacturers recommendations, accepted standards and codes, and have the highest degree of reliability that they can come up with.  The problem with these aux power supplies, batteries, and everything else, is no uniform code for burglar alarm installations, and no enforcement in those areas where some regulations do exist.  
    Third, I can not agree with Bart Didden saying law enforcement and fire officials have gotten false alarm levels down to where it's acceptable.  No false alarms are acceptable.  It may be manageable, but not acceptable.  I lost a brother firefighter going to a false alarm.  It was one of many at the same location week after week, month after month.  Not acceptable.
    Fourth, John from NJ also says Det Robinson doesn't know what the cost of a good power supply is vs a lesser one.  Would you buy a car with lesser brakes?  Would you fly in a plane that used second rate parts?  How about a pilot who received a 71 on on his pilot's exam?  Because that's what we're dealing with in our profession.  People who squeak through licensing exams, or fall asleep during training classes, or take "approved" training classes for renewals of licenses that are really sales pitches couched as an approved training course.  
    I'm sick and tired of hearing comments on how police and fire pick on our profession and don't understand it.  I've been there side by side with them in classes and they -- more than the technicians -- pay attention to the material and have become experts in the field.  
    And while I'm on the subject of experts, don't underestimate Jeff Zwirn's qualifications.  Not only has he been recognized as a fire alarm expert, he's also been recognized as a qualified alarm expert, not by peers, not by competitors, but where it matters... in a court of law.  I don't usually agree with Jeff, but he carries himself well in a courtroom and speaks in a clear and intelligible tone.  I know, I've been there.  I'd stack him up against 95% of anyone else in this profession on the witness stand. You don't want to go against him if you can prevent it.  
    Our profession is lucky to be able to call upon police and fire officials to react to the deficiencies of our work.  An alarm goes off, and we pick up the phone and say "hey Mr. Policeman, can you run down to 123 Main Street and check out if my alarm actually worked of not."b    No company, no individual is exempt from false alarms.  But we can do something to mitigate it, and that's making sure that the equipment AND the installation is of top quality.  Follows accepted guidelines and standards.  And performs as expected.  
Roy Pollack, CPP SET
Director of Licensing & Training Compliance
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