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comment on Response to DIY and monitoring / more BS from SimpliSafe / ISC schedule
April 1, 2019
Notice:  ISC West.  Private meeting times are booked.  Concierge Clients should call our  Concierge Program Coordinator Stacy Spector,Esq at 516 747 6700 x 304 to arrange a private meeting and consultation. 
Open Meet and greet schedule at ISC:
Wednesday 11:00 am – COPS booth ; 2:30 pm – Avant guard booth; 3:30 pm – All American Monitoring booth
Thursday 11:00 am – Rapid booth;  2:30 pm – J. Krug booth  
comment on Response to DIY and monitoring from February 27, 2019
    The RMR with DIY system is so inexpensive to the end user, there's no meat left on the bone for alarm dealers. Simplisafe is $15 per month with cell service. The ring is now $10 per month with cell service. When a dealer has to pay $4-5 for central station and $7-10 for cell service nothing is left.
    We charge $40-$45 per month. Even if we drop 50% we don't make enough.
    Somehow we have to provide that personal service that got us here in the first place.
I am very concerned about this invasion into all of our livelihoods.     And it's NOT going away anytime soon! (even after we start to see tragedies because the systems are not being paid attention to)
    Most customers can't install DIY equipment. Hard wired systems can't be as inexpensive to install as wireless DIY. Not all of your customers can afford or want to pay for hard wired systems. 
    There is a huge marker for inexpensive security systems, especially because it's the DIY wireless systems that get the most promotion and have the most bells and whistles. I recently presented a SSI webinar on DIY and recommended that you get involved in either DIY to your local customers or try and nationwide market. I think you will find this is a different market than your traditional alarm, security, fire customer. 
more BS from SimpliSafe
    Did you know that, according to Simplisafe, it went from "protecting two million Americans" to now "Over three million Americans trust Simplisafe". That same email promotion also stated, in bold font, "And not one is locked in a contract". 
    More BS from SImplisafe. Why doesn't it say what it means? A Simplisafe customer can cancel any time, and that's what the "no contract" means. In point of fact, a customer cannot not get Simplisafe alarm services without agreeing to an Agreement. 
    ​ That Agreement has all of the traditional provisions that most alarm contracts contain. In particular, SImplisafe customers are subject to the same "protective provisions" as other alarm company customers. The promotional email came from and was signed off by "Leslie A. Home Security Specialist
    No other alarm company that I know of criticises the alarm industry, denigrating how the alarm industry does business, specifically requiring contracts. Other alarm company advertisements benefits the industry in general by promoting alarm and security services. But SimpliSafe says it's different, alone, because it doesn't have contracts. That's nonsense. Plenty of alarm companies, including nationwide DIY operations, permit customer cancellation at any time. Someone should sue these guys for misleading the public. Wait until there is a loss and SimpliSafe pulls out the [no] contract and tells the customer that it is "contractually" relieved of any liability for its negligence or breach of contract.

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