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comment on mixed use fire alarm buying Honeywell components cheap on Amazon or Ebay
June 27, 2018
comment on mixed use fire alarm from June 21, 2018 article
    In regards to the question of the GUEST HOUSE being a residence.  The installer / designer should consult with the appropriate code for the answer.
    NFPA 101  or IBC and IFC for states that do not follow NFPA 101
1-    Know what code your entity follows
2-    Read and follow the code as presented.
    After you have determined the proper reference you can then (and ONLY THEN) Consult with the AHJ.
    I say only after you have read and formed YOUR opinion should you contact the AHJ and save yourself the embarrassment of being told by the AHJ, " You are a professional, figure it out...)
Joel Kent
FBN Security

    I suppose the harsh reality is that the AHJ is not there to help you design, sell or install the fire alarm system.  Offering some expertise and guidance is probably not prohibited or even frowned upon, but AHJ may not perceive their duties that way.  Having some authority sometimes fosters arrogance so that an AHJ may prefer to simply approve or disapprove without much more than "fails to meet code", which doesn't help you figure out what's wrong.  Asking some AHJ for advice in the preparation of the plans is probably out of the question in some jurisdictions where the AHJ is known for refusing to assist in that way.  Lawyers get a lot of "get lost" responses from some court clerks, but I suspect the reason is they just don't know.  That could be the same problem with the AHJs that refuse any assistance.
    But many AHJ, I am sure, are helpful.  They recognize that the goal of the fire alarm dealer is the same as the AHJ, end up with a properly designed and working fire alarm system.  So why not offer some assistance when giving a helpful answer may take the same amount of time as a lecture why the dealer should figure it out himself.  [this is definitely not a swipe at Joel, who shares his knowledge more than most].  
    However, Joel's comment is absolutely right, if you're in the fire alarm business you need to make every effort to educate yourself and know all the laws and rules that are expected of you.  Learning by the cook book method - getting rejection after rejection from the AHJ until you finally get it right - is a tough way to conduct business, not likely to be profitable and not likely to endear you to the AHJ.  After all, it's his time you're wasting too.

buying Honeywell components cheap on Amazon or Ebay
    I am a 40 year man in the security business. Our company is historically a user of Honeywell components for security and fire. My question is, do you have any idea why I can purchase alarm equipment from Amazon or Ebay for up to 30-40% less than our “discounted deal” with our normal suppliers?   Any ideas on the flow of these parts from origination to the sales floor at Amazon? I.E. were does this equipment originate and wind up being offered for such low costs?
    Thanks in advance,

    I don't know that you can buy Honeywell components on Amazon or Ebay cheaper than you can get those products from authorized distributors.  Anyone know anything about this.
    I will say that you should be careful buying life-safety components because you want to be sure they are not knock-offs, rejects, repackaged returns, etc., unless that's what you're looking for.  
    Speaking as a consumer, I routinely buy non-brand name product from Amazon and once in while from Ebay.  One Ebay I was able to find a component to run a 25 year old Leviton lighting system which was unavailable anywhere else, and on Amazon I just got non-brand bags for a pool Polaris, 2 for $26 when the Polaris bag is one for $46, and I got 7 scrub brushes for the Polaris tail for $7 when the Polaris product is one for $7.  But I knew I wasn't getting the brand product and I was concerned that the products were compatible.  They were; I lucked out.  Of course a Polaris that won't clear my pool is not the same risk as a fire alarm that doesn't activate.


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