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    Not afraid to publish my name Ken on this Honeywell issue. I believe Honeywell is skirting a serious recall issue here and that dealers should be compensated for this. It's a major expense and we're caught carrying it. What's the likelihood of a class action for reimbursement? 
Paul Romanelli
    Any manufacturer should be held to the same standard as car manufacturers.  If I have a recall on my car due to a defective product, I take it to the dealer and they have it repaired at no charge. The dealer gets reimbursed by the manufacturer. As alarm dealers if we have to incur costs due to going back because of a manufacturers defect, then we too should be reimbursed by them as well. 
Roy Pollack
    If Honeywell was trying to limit its notice of the recall it should get ready for a new strategy.  Over 5000 that I know of read the posting on this forum.  Obviously a serious issue.
    Interestingly enough we have not heard from Honeywell.  Perhaps it doesn't take my suggestion that it reimburse dealers for their time correcting this equipment defect seriously. 
    A class action lawsuit is usually difficult to prosecute, and costly too.  However, one of the hurtles, providing expert testimony, is easily achieved in this case because just about every participant in the class action is an expert.  A class action can be pursued when there are common issues to be resolved, which we have here.  Each member of the class would be permitted to submit its calculation for reimbursement based on whatever formula a court would approve.
    Honeywell, do you really want this issue to escalate to that point?  We look forward to Honeywell's response, and if none, we have our answer.
    I can't agree more with ANON's comment in the October 1, 2015 article.  I work at one of those EVIL PSAPs that indeed has an alarm board. We have worked with various competitors and seem to make it all work. We are poised to take on CSs with a different (cheaper and code-compliant with redundant paths) approach that will greatly open to doors to mimic what ASAP is failing to do. 
    To make ASAP work, there are VERY expensive Computer-Aided Dispatch software pieces that are required, yet no available cost recovery to make it all work (unless all parties agree to do what Houston does...$$$$). The transport mechanism proposed by ASAP is highly unreliable in our area with NO redundancy, or very expensive redundancy. 
    We have already made an investment in our alarm board, work currently with two competitors to bring signals in to the PSAP, and will be meeting soon with other CSs to make it work to everyone's advantage - including better and faster service for the public. 
    Mom and Pops: WELCOME ABOARD!

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