comment on electronic contracts
    We went (almost) paperless 2 years ago. I used Adobe Acrobat to turn your contracts into electronic fillable forms that our sales team and techs can use in the field. We really like the Android tablets and just recently implemented the Samsung Pro Note 12.2 which has a full 12” screen and a stylus. Our field personnel can fill in the forms at the location, have the customer and then send the completed forms to our server or storage – via Exchange or VPN. We then email a copy to the customer while still onsite.
    This workflow has been well-received by clients.
    The with Note we capture signature, process payments and keep paper to a minimum.
John Romero
    This was in response to the article on April 7, 2014 when I introducted www.alarmEcontracts.com  Someone should let me know if the service has been helpful
Question re domestic disputes putting alarm co in middle
    I have a situation where  I have a customer under contract, and  was contacted  by  the  wife  that  she has  a order of protection  against her  husband .  The contracts were signed by the wife.  She is requesting us to change all codes, passwords and contact information, to eliminate the husband from having any access to the system.
    We have been sent a copy of the order of protection showing it is in fact an order against the husband. Can we change information without the husbands consent?? And what are ramifications if we do or do not.
IST security
Roselle IL
    The wife is your subscriber and you can and should comply with her request.  If the husband was also your subscriber, having signed the contract, then you are in the middle of the dispute.  It's not your place to interpret an Order of Protection.  If the wife, in this case, obtained an order of protection she could have asked that the order direct the change of the codes - actually I think it would be improper for the court to order you, a non party not on notice of the proceeding, to do anything.  However the order could authorize the wife to change the codes in which event you could comply with her request.  You would be entitled to derived judicial imunity because you were complying with a court order.  
CT License question
    Can I install a Home Alarm and Monitor for a friend in Connecticut since I'm licensed in NY? 
    Your NY license does not license you in CT.
more tech feedback on interactive services - Alarm.com and Honeywell's Total Connect
    The difference between Alarm.com and Honeywell's Total Connect product [http://homesecurity.honeywell.com/mobile.html] , is that the Alarm.com product is an add on product for systems that do not natively support features like remote control and energy management.  But Alarm .com is not without competition, notably IPdatalel [www.ipdatatel.com] offers a similar line of services and products.  Both services add an alternative to POTS lines for monitoring, can add remote control, mobile APPS, etc. There are significant differences in the product offerings, Alarm.com as well.  IPdatatel offers a variety of communications methods such as cellular and  internet,
while Alarm.com only offers cellular, so in locations where cellular coverage is poor or nonexistent the service can't be used.  IPdatatel  uses Zigbee to communicate with automation devices while Alarm.com uses Z-Wave  (Z-Wave devices are more popular and easier to find at this time).  One  notable advantage that Alarm.com does have is they have incorporated video  into their service and App while IPDatatel has  not. There are also other manufactures like Napco, DMP who have developed
applications specifically to work with their product  lines.
Mark S.  Fischer
You can find Mark Fischer in The Alarm Exchange in the Technical Support category

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