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comment on does your cs use redundant route / diverse internet pipes and single points of failure
February 16, 2018
comment on does your cs use redundant route / diverse internet pipes and single points of failure
    With respect to diverse Internet pipes, Bob brings up the issue with Internet connections  but in reality it all goes back to single points of failure.   Everyone in the business needs to look at this, it’s not just a central station issue that  a single point of failure can be introduced,  it can happen  anywhere along the way. I have been a proponent of dual path alarm transmission for over 20 years and think long term it’s the best way to go.
    Dealers/installers/monitoring centers/manufacturers all need to understand the details on how to accomplish this, it can’t be incumbent on the monitoring center to do this as we( Central Stations) don’t see the entire picture from end to end.
    Some examples …

  • Example one, Dealer installs a new system, it appears that it has two paths, a digital dialer and an IP communicator. From a distance all looks good except that the POT’s line is hanging off a cable modem and when the cable goes down both paths go down.  There is no way for the central station to know this.

  • Example two , Dealer installs a panel using an IP module and a cell backup, both of these paths go to one of many clearing houses and that clearing house has an issue for any reason including just can’t get to the CS because they only have one path/receiver  (and they all do from time to time) both of the paths now go nowhere.

  • Example three, Installer takes over a fire alarm with dual POT’s lines, the installer either doesn’t have two different toll free receiver numbers from different carriers or the tech is lazy and puts the same number in twice and the one carriers on the far end has a problem.    

  • Example four, the central station originally contracted with two different ISP’s and had diversity and then one of the ISP’s buys out the other one and now that diversity is gone but the contracts and commitments are still there.

    My point this is that you have to look at the entire path from end to end to try and make sure you have as much diversity and redundancy as possible, nothing is perfect and things happen beyond our control all the time but you also cant stick your head in the sand and ignore or just assume it’s someone else’s problem. In the new UL 827 and 1981 a lot of these single points of failure are addressed and should go away on the central station sides assuming that they meet the minimum standards but it will also mean that installation companies need to have a full understanding on what happens and how stuff is routed and managed along the entire path. By the way if you don’t know about UL MEW factors you should, that’s your homework for the week.
    Professional monitoring companies can show you how they accomplish this and help you with equipment or services selections but installers and dealers need to also understand how all of this works and be part of the solution and not part of the problem.  If your central station can’t help you or show you how they have dealt with carrier diversity maybe you should look around to see what’s out there.
    Additionally all this costs a lot of money for centers to have all this redundancy and multiple carriers and the support staff to manage it so while you all looking for cheaper rates keep in mind that the last thing you want is for your central station to be cash strapped and unable to keep up because all their margin got stripped out by making the marketing decision to be the lowest in town.  Its good business practice to make sure your critical business partners are kept healthy and growing.
    All the best ..
Morgan Hertel, VP of Technology and Innovation
Rapid Response Monitoring
    Dealers have choices when selecting a central station, and yes, there are many differences.  Don't be lazy about assessing your relationship with your central station.  If your total satisfaction is not being met, maybe it's time to look around.  See the central stations on The Alarm Exchange, where you will find the best of the best central stations.  Of course Rapid Response is  prominently listed, thanks to the dedication of its fine staff, including Morgan Hertel, Jeff Atkins and many others.  Thanks for participating on this forum.  I know you all have lots to contribute.


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