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comment on Discounted Honeywell products / comment on employees using own cell phone
October 11, 2018
comment on Discounted Honeywell products from October 2, 2018 article
    This is in response to Tom in Florida re: Honeywell discounted products.
    Tom, Tom, Tom, If you think for one minute that Honeywell is not making the best business decision for it's own benefit, then you don't understand what business is all about. Especially Big business. It's whatever puts the most money in the pockets of the shareholders. You're thinking about this from the point of view of an entrepreneur where integrity, honesty, sincerity and ethics are the mainstay of the success of your business. Big business has no restrictions in any of those  categories. The bean counters provide the evidence to management that convinces them to make decisions that make the investors happy …… first. Only then is the effect on the customer base considered. And in this case, I'm sure that they have determined that the increase in the amount of retail business will more than offset the minor decrease in business that your discovery may cause with dealers. Plus it will put the Company name out there in the retail market to compete with all the others who have appeared in recent times.  Consider the number of dealers who buy equipment as compared with the potential amount of sales in the retail market. 
    At this point, as evidenced by recent events, ADI, as big as it is ..... is simply a pawn and conceivably can exist as an entity unto itself. ….. And I would bet it could even exist without selling Honeywell products. 
    In other words, you're (we're) not as important to them as you would like to think we are. 
    It's a different world out there today and what you think of as the traditional Alarm Industry/Trade is changing/ has changed. It's never going to be like it was before. This is no longer a cottage industry. Big business has almost completed it's takeover. Ten years from now you'll hardly recognize it 
    To any out there who find this troubling …. wake up and smell the roses.  I can only suggest that you adapt, diversify or get out of the business. 
Reliable Alarm

comment on employees using own cell phone from October 3, 2018 article
    One more comment on the use of the salesreps personal phone instead of the company issued cell phone.  Passwords, websites and email all run through our company’s computer system which is locked down very tight for any type of offsite intrusion through worms, bots and other ‘dark matter’ on the web.  Allowing your salesrep to use their own phone and connect with in-house services is a GIANT hole in your company’s security.  Imagine being locked out of your computers until you paid the $100,000 ransom to our friends in Russia or somewhere else.  That exact scenario locked our entire computer system for 24 hours but fortunately for us, our backups were on track and we have a terrific computer company on our side handling our security for the computers.  If it can happen to us, it can happen to you. 
    Yours for better security,
Steve Sopkin, President
Mijac Alarm

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