A quick comment on SkyBank Financial: I can’t recommend them enough! Compared to our previous vendor, their service is remarkable. The rates are reasonable and believe it or not, the credit/debit funds clear within hours. The ACH transactions clear within a very dependable 10 days. This kind of reliability would certainly help the small guys plan for a cash infusion that they can write in on their calendar. As a Hosted VoIP provider, we process a tremendous number of transactions each first of the month and SkyBank Financial has made the automated part of that billing process quick and easy. Thanks for turning us on to them in the first place! 
    The part of your post about bounced checks reminded me of an incident that took place when I was a teenager working summer jobs back in the dark ages. Whenever a client bounces a check on us today, I always recall this with a smile and wish things were the same as before…I and my best friend worked for someone in the Philadelphia area who could best be described as a slum lord. He owned many properties in Philly that could only be called barely habitable and my friend and I traveled from one to the other doing roofing, plumbing or electrical work as needed. We were both just 17 and drove around in our employers beat up truck. We were paid by check but off the books if I recall correctly. Fast forward to the end of the summer and while driving home, his truck broke down on the expressway. The cops pulled us off the expressway to a street near the stadium complex in south Philly. We had no choice but to leave the truck which was of course immediately towed. (This is Philly after all, the towing capital of the world.)
    My final “paycheck” bounced! This guy was blaming us for the cost of the truck being towed and he took my pay back!  He wasn’t going to budge and basically laughed it off. I went to a local Justice of the Peace to ask his advice and right there on the spot in the JP’s office I swore out a warrant for this guy’s arrest. At 17 you can imagine how cool I thought this was. A few days later, I got a call from the JP and he asked me to come in to his office. He explained that they put a constable outside this guy’s residence and when he came home at 2 in the morning a couple of days later, they arrested him. The Justice of the Peace told me that our friend came up with the cash right away. Plus heavy fees for the JP’s time and the Constable’s. I know there are a lot of people reading this who wish that kind of thing was possible today.
    Now for the shameless plug:  Check us out in The Alarm Exchange under Technology and Services that increase or preserve your RMR. If you are looking for another RMR stream, consider joining our team of Channel Partners providing Hosted VoIP services. Our program has zero cost to you, pays generous commissions to alarm dealers and even gives you an opportunity to bundle home telephone service to your residential clients. Go to our Dealer Introduction website or call me direct day or night at 866-362-0705.
    Thanks for all your hard work for the industry Ken.
John W. Haenn, President
Concord Communications Group, Inc.
You can reach SkyBank Financial at: Contact Thomas Aronica at 800-617-9980,,