Several alarm companies have had problems with Telular Corporation's TelGuard TG-1 Express. One security company in Arkansas has gone on the legal offensive. 
    COP Security is a security alarm company in central Arkansas. After many months of repeated service calls related to TG-1 Express products, replacing many of them, losing thousands of dollars, and in fear that a customer would suffer from a crime undetected, COP Security sued Telular Corporation.  The suit alleges the TG-1 Express, although marketed as highly reliable, is not at all.  Instead, due to a product defect it habitually disconnects from the cellular network and cannot contact the central station when the alarm is tripped.  COP Security complained to Telular's regional product manager repeatedly, and was always told the product is fine - it was instead the cellular provider or the weather that was a problem. But other cellular alarm products worked just fine. So that didn't make any sense. 
    The Court in the case has certified it as a class action for all security alarm companies in Arkansas that had these problems with the TG-1 Express. If successful at trial in December 2016,  Arkansas alarm companies will get refunds for purchases of TG-1 Expresses, and compensation for the repeated service calls. More about the case can be found at www.copclassaction.com
    Have you had similar problems with the TG-1 Express?  If so, you may call COP Security's lawyer Scott Poynter at 501-251-1587 or email him at scott@poynterlawgroup.com
    Any dealers with poor experience with Telguard TG-1 Express may want to contact Scott Poynter, especially if you're located in Arkansas and participate in the class action.
    Keep in mind that all the Court has done so far is certify a "class action" and there has been no finding of liability yet.  That will await trial.  I'm sure that the lawyer can use all the help he can get, so if you have any information you can provide it for circulation on this forum or contact Scott, or both.
    This class action suit is for Arkansas alarm companies.  If successful it will set the stage for class actions elsewhere, maybe your state if you have sufficient damages and proof.