Ken –

    We have a client we installed a residential system last year; we monitor the system.  We used both the standard installation contract and the monitoring contracts we purchased from you last year.

    Apparently his staff is damaging devices and he is making his own repairs to the system despite our desire to service him. He does not wish to pay for a technician to repair the system. He feels that his monitoring fees should cover service.

    Can we terminate his monitoring before the end of the contract term and let someone else have the headache?

    To your success, safety and security,

John S R




    You installed the system using the Standard Sales Contract, and you monitor the system using the Standard Monitoring Contract.  You did not contract for service and therefore you have no responsibility for service, but, and here is what is rubbing you the wrong way, also no right to service.  You short changed yourself when you signed up the subscriber by not presenting a Service Contract.  One reason you omitted service is because you used the separate sales and monitoring contracts.  They were just fine until the All in One contracts were introduced in 2013.  By using the All in One contract forms both you and the subscriber are presented with all of the options you offer, both in equipment and systems, and services.  Your services are broken down and so are the charges.  More than likely you would have signed this subscriber up for service if you had used the All in One.  Unless the sub is causing excessive alarms just continue to monitor and let him mess with the system. 

    Though there is certainly nothing wrong with using the separate contracts the better practice is to upgrade to the All in One contracts.  [in fact the there was no alternative for the 2013 Commercial Fire All in One].  

    I am writing this article a few weeks before Xmas but I know its going out on Xmas.  So, first of all, Merry Xmas to those celebrating the holiday.  Here's my Xmas gift to you and all others:  $50 off each All in One contract if ordered today.  That's $150 off if you get all three [and $300 off if you get the All in Ones in sale and lease format].  When you fill in the amount on the Order Form just add xmas after the total.  

Enjoy the day and I wish everyone a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.


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