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Challenging alarm fines
July 22, 2019
Challenging alarm fines from July 9, 2019 article
          I don't think it's a legitimate process for the entity who is benefitting from the proceeds of the alarm "tax" to also be the entity who has the final say if it's a legitimate false alarm. How does one challenge the accusation when the Police have the final say?  Do you think they would ever decide that it WASN'T a false alarm? 
    Do you hire the fox to guard the hen house?
            I agree.  That’s the flaw with false alarm fines.  Just because there isn’t evidence of a break-in doesn’t mean there wasn’t an attempt.  Alarm verification has gone a long way to reduce false alarms and alarm fines have probably contributed to verification requirements and efforts.  Cameras and other devices serve as excellent verification tools.
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            Gene, I understand all that you said.  But it brings us back to ‘what is a false alarm’.  Nobody has ever sorted this out to the satisfaction of all.  Does the drunk that falls asleep unnoticed at the bar, and gets up to leave at 4 a.m. after everyone has gone home, cause a false alarm?  Most of the old-school folks have a million stories like this.  Obviously the system did not ‘false’.   I suppose if you are pocketing the money from the fine (the police) and they get to define a false alarm, it could be anything.
Zeke Lay
            RE:  K&K Newsletter 7.9.19:  false alarm fines challenged in Federal Class action
            Some of us are confused about alarm industry leadership positions related to legislated controls and false alarm fines/fees.  It continues to divide all stakeholders…. support for the traditional public/private partnership, or totally re-set it.
            If you reject false alarm fines for the customer alarm site; if you reject false alarms fines for private monitoring firms;  if you reject permits and registration;  if you demand only civil penalties for your unlawful acts;  if you mandate fee based private monitoring firms for person-to-person interaction, by rejecting modern free-to-the-citizen communication technologies;  if you sell and service RMR customers by promoting the local police as your silent partner;  if you expose munis to a dilution of their sovereign immunity;  if you continue to by-pass local police administration by influencing the city council;  how long can you expect local police to bend 911 rules and protocol just for you; how long can you hide the appearance of collusion; why after over 50 years do we still have the false alarm problem ie, near total error /false, unless they serve as the core of most RMR.  (more-- complete list upon request).
            Some of us believe that alarm industry leadership is carelessly pushing local municipalities toward the trend for VR-Verified Response, ie let private-security be private-security…. re-setting the traditional RMR business models. 
Lee Jones
Support Services Group

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