Hi Ken,
    We install CCTV systems in NY, I am licensed.  We also install, through subs
in NJ and CT.   One of our large national accounts is the reason why we are
spread over the 3 states and may even go into additional states in the
    I do not use contracts  now, but after reading your news letter I know I
need to and want to get things going right now.
    We generally install the system and turn it over to the customer, we do not
provide service contracts or monitoring although maybe we should. 99% of the
time the customer either pays us directly for the system or, pays a 3rd
party leasing company if they finance.
    What contract/contracts do you recommend?
    For commercial CCTV your best contract is the CCTV Sales contract. You can use it for just an installation the same way you can use a Ferrari to go to the gorcery store and back.  It covers a lot more than the sale and installation, but it's perfectly suitable for just that.
    For residential subscribers you can use the Sales Contract.  The All in One would cover sales, but would also cover monitoring (yes even CCTV can be monitored) and service.  
    You need to start using these alarm and security forms before the next form you need is a bankruptcy petition.