Apparently a central station in Salt Lake City, UT, pissed off the wrong cop and the central station manager was arrested for filing a false police report.  The criminal case lingered for many years and have finally concluded by dismissal of the charges.  Lee Jones sent the following:



    This is an update on the 10 year court delay for a resolution in Salt Lake City of when/if a misdemeanor "false police report' can apply to abusive monitoring firms.  I am not an attorney and cannot interpret and communicate in legal language.  We suggest the professionals review and report back details.

    Municipalities can again consider the use of the controversial enforcement tool available to every police department to manage abusive alarm suppliers.... enforcement of laws against "false police reports".  The 10 year legal feud in Salt Lake City has been resolved via jury trial, October 7, 2013.  The jury said the Salt Lake Police Department was fully

justified even though there was a flaw in the local law that dismissed the charge 10 years earlier.

    The dispute... a SLC alarm company manager was charged with a misdemeanor, cuffed and hauled to police station, due to abuse of VR rules and 911 rules.  Due to the major threat to the monitoring industry if precedent.. the

alarm industry tied it up in the courts for over 10 years to deter other police from same practice.  Quote from Alarm Association leadership..."There will be a seismic shift in the industry if this prosecution is successful." 

    Salt Lake City was one of the first VR/Verified Response cities.  It is rumored that Peak Alarm was tasked to reverse the legislation and prevent a trend, as a national industry priority and at any cost.  He knew the VR rules and the 911 rules and basic common sense, but brutally abused those rules and professional courtesy on several occasions.  Cops got pissed off one night when he got real demanding and nasty... they had enough... charged him with a "false police report", cuffed him and hauled him away.  Had all the evidence on tape and documentation.  But, they discovered by surprise the local law was flawed, so the PD was forced to release and drop all chares. The flaw was in the language of the law, which referenced "written" false reports, without any reference to "verbal" reports (alarm industry requests for help).  Due to the potential damage to the monitoring industry, it is rumored that (they) determined this to be a great opportunity to tie it up in the courts for many years, maybe even dilute or destroy VR. Jeff Howe became the plaintiff and sued the city/police/personal (see the 2005 news release). At that time, Los Angeles and several other major cities were considering the addition of "false police reports" to halt abusive monitoring firms, but all cities put the matter on hold until the SLC legal matter was resolved.... Success for 10 years.  Resolved October 7, 2013.

 Lee Jones

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    I haven't heard of any instances where central station operators were arrested for sending in an alarm signal.  Anyone know of any?



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