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    Your sound advise is much appreciated.  We're in the process of ordering new signs, and are concerned about the word "monitored".   The sign reads "Warning.  Property Monitored by Video Surveillance".  Can you advise.
Thank you,
    Good question and one that is likely shared by many alarm companies.  
    Can a yard sign or decal create liability?  Well, does a bear .....  You know.  So yes, the sign, whether on yard sign or decal, can create liability, at least a good case for liability, but I don't think your sign goes that far.  
    Let me give you an extreme example, and I hope no one has this sign: "Property under 24 hour surveillance protection for your protection and safety".  This example arguably creates an expectation of security.  If the surveillance or security doesn't prevent a loss then there could be liability if it's determined that there wasn't really 24 hour protection.  If it's not a great example then I am sure some of you have been more creative, and exposed.
    All your sign states is that there is video surveillance.  It doesn't suggest who is intended to be protected, and even though it states that the property is protected, it doesn't state that it protects those entering upon the property.  
    Be sure that your slogans, signs and decals end with puffery and do not push the envelop by creating a false sense of security.  I suspect some of you have better examples than I have come up with.  Let's hear about them.

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