Provided by:  Jennifer Kirschenbaum, Esq.

July 13, 2021



Dear Jennifer,

I am thinking of moving to Florida and need a buyer. Can I sign a non disclosure agreement?

Thanks, Dr. G 

Depends what is in it, no?  A non disclosure agreement sounds simple enough, and most of the time, they are simple enough - an agreement where 2 parties (or more) agree to share information and agree in sharing the information they will keep the other party's non public information confidential. Simple enough.  But, oftentimes a party will put additional terms in a non disclosure agreement, such as restrictive covenants or exclusivity provisions.  Either of those categories may be potentially disruptive to you, and also unwarranted/draconian.   It is important to understand the terms of any non disclosure agreement (or any agreement, for that matter) that is placed in front of you and that you are not signing a document that will impair or restrict your rights.